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Timo Pietilš
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CGV at 1100 feet.

Warrior, not yet anything else than defender to give something basic like see_inv, being lucky and having staff of detect evil in inventory. Superb feeling. CGV.

Almost everything in it I can see is instant death. Half-way top and bottom rows seem safe though, so in I go. Teleported annoying ringwraith away, next is Ar-Pharazon. No thank you, better to go to clear top row. Boom, boom, boom. AAAARGH, single digit HP. Note to self: Phoenix is not evil. Teleport Phoenix away. Few blocks later: Balrog of Moria. Can't deal with that. Time to recall.

Result: couple of egos, nothing really useful except FA gauntlets which free up a ring slot and amulet of Devotion to give Hold Life. Shop in town has HA mace that beats the Defender, but I don't have basic4 yet, and my stealth sucks without defender, so I keep using it (with Dethanc as swap).

Sold the spoils, bought the HA from temple and some teleport scrolls from BM. Money gone.

Time to continue....
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