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I've seen how some people seem to be able to get through the game very quickly descending to depths that I've only ever dreamed about getting to and even winning in a very short (to me) amount of turns. How is this possible because when ever I try to do anything remotely similar I always end up having to run for my life. What are the stratgies for such a quick win?
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If you want specific tips then it would be helpful to know what version of Z you're playing. There are some pretty big differences, particularly in the wilderness, depending on version. Also, are you using plain old ZAngband or the newer Z+?

In general the answer to your question is that players who descend quickly spend most of their time running for their lives. Stealth and detection are extremely important skills to have - you want to avoid all unexpected monster encounters. Fight only on your own terms. Don't engage any monster unless the reward is great and the risk is (relatively) low.
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Also, it often takes years of practice. Sometimes decades. The good news is Zangband we'll still be there.
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My problem is I get bored on the levels where I can easily kill things....and often the loot isn't that good. I'm currently down at about level 50 but for being half way through thre dungeon I can't say it's fantastic.

At what level does the loot start to get decent? I mean obviously having read other messages I get that near the bottom the loot is fantastic, but obviously I'm not skilled enough to survive that...

Any suggestions???
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