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Zangband overhaul

As I get time, I'm going to start tinkering with the old code of zangband, about 2.74 or so. I realize there's several forks already from zangband, but to me all have added too much to it, to where it's just not the same.

To start with, I'm going to rebalance the classes (and add 3 new ones, essentially more specialized versions of the ranger, rogue, and priest), the spell realms (and add a 5th book to each realm while reorganizing the others), and lightly modify the races and monsters.

This will be my first attempt at modifying an angband, so it'll take time to dig through the code see what does what. Thinking once I get this first stage done, I can look at further modifications.

If anyone has suggestions or ideas for my project, let me know. Or if there's ways you can assist with me digging through the code. I realize there's been many, many updates of angband and other versions which have made zangband obsolete, but it's still my favorite version.
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Zang was the source of so many forks largely because it was the best before being abandoned. Could be fun to see it revived.

Personally, let me speak against a fifth book. Unless one of the higher books is a 'Best Of' compilation, I do NOT want half my inventory eaten by books, a third is bad enough.
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This source code is definitely old aged, I guess
CyclopsSlayer is right, a 5th book is really not a good idea in my opinion... Most of the spells are just roughly the same...
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I have recently played Zangband 2.7.4c, and here are my thoughts / tips / requests to the reviver:

- I agree with the previous comments on 5th book, please don't add it. Inventory is difficult to handle already as it is.

- I have noticed a bug (at least in version 2.7.4c on Dosbox): (A)ctivating Balance Dragon Scale Mail or Multi-Hued Dragon Scale Mail gives an error saying something in the script is missing, and the item then doesn't activate. Interestingly enough, Bronze Dragon Scale Mails and Blue Dragon Scale Mails work. I haven't tested other DSMs (yet!).

- Please keep the casino, it brings flavour.

- Please do something about the level feelings, maybe make them similar to vanilla?
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