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i am reminded that i do not have resist Nexus when a pack of nex hounds teleport me across the map. Fortunately, they do not hurt much, and even more fortunately i do not get teleport-level-ed, but i am disappointed in finding that the level feeling is only 5-4. time to find some stairs.


a 6-3 level feeling, a nexus vortex, a multihued dragon .. i TS and find myself really close to some stairs .. coincidence?


level feeling .. 5-2. ok ...


i get a level feeling 6- but i fall in a trapdoor before i can see anything else.


some dreads kindly bring me all the loot they have collected, and i pay them in fire bolts. I check if i lost any artifacts, but the game says no.
A 6-headed hydra burns my only Mage4 book, so i recall out of this 4-4 level.
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ninteenth recall .. DL0:

nothing at all.


i have to kill a Nightmare, and i dont want to get status effects, so i haste, hide in a corner, and try to nuke it, but he gets close and i have to blink. The blink takes me to a different room, where i kill a green dragon and take his Resistances Of Scarabatrice, but then a cytoplasm walks out and since it resists everything, i need to TS.

This is a 6-3 level, so i can leave.


same deal. i kill a black dragon, and get the level feeling as 5-6. I head to the stairs, and find Castamir The Usurper here.
He makes it into a casting contest, which i win because i can Haste myself. He drops a couple sellable items, but nothing else.


I start by chasing mobs, and find some sellable drops. I'm about to head for the stairs, when my first Ringwraith appears .. Adunaphel The Quiet.

There is no contest; i move faster, i can heal, i blink whenever i need .. i survive unscathed. No useful drops.
level feeling 6-4 ... where is all the good stuff?


another 6-4 level, with no treasures around. i light up a room, and find a greater maia, so i leave; next room, a basilisk .. i quickly check if i rPois .. i do. But still, i don't want to die, so i TS.

Nothing. i ID a scroll of Destruction, which takes out maybe the only interesting room in the whole place.


hmm.. level feeling 5-3 .. really?
ok, i recall again and see if i can spend my 70k Gp well.
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twentieth recall, nothing to buy.

i decide to make one last trip to the dungeon before the night.


i recall next to some giants, which i proceed to nuke easly. i DM and see a sleeping vampire lord, and i don't want to engage in a protracted battle, so i leave him alone.

I jump around the map, kill some ants, get carried away, and i'm at half mana and half HP before i notice that the Ant Queen is here, and she keeps summoning ants.

The Ant Queen is annoying because you need to keep re-targeting her, otherwise you waste the mana on summons.
I cast some Acid Balls, blink back to a corridor, regenerate some SP, and finish her off. She drops the Leather Gloves 'Arsir', +4 WIS, +4 Stealth,, which could possibly be a part of my final kit, but for now they will stay in the stash.

The level feeling comes to 6-$, so i quaff !Enlight. I TS around the map, and the last object i find is the Awl-Pike 'Ninar', +4 WIS, +4 SPD, Regen, ESP. That's it, i have Telepathy now.

i also pick up a random potion of CON and jump to 18/163, for a total of 438 HP at CL32. i can now cast Shield, and i ditch the ring of Escaping in favour of a ring of Slaying (+10,+6), waiting for a ring of Strength +5 or +6.

time to call it a day and pick up again tomorrow.
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Pete Mack
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Ring of Slaying doesn't seem much good with an awe-pike, but it's hard to tell: AARs work so much better if there's a corresponding post on the ladder. (I'd rather have CON.)

It's a LOT of fun to dive early with a mage--you can usually hit cl 30 after a bit more than 30K turns, but to do it, you need to race through the first 30 dungeon levels--reaching cl 6 at 500 is about right, and cl 20 near 1500'. Here's one of my more aggressive game--didn't get free action til near dl 40.

With ESP, haste self, Tele other, and decent stealth, there really isn't much that can hurt you unless you let it... and it's much more fun to loot treasure after dl 70, where big weapons and speed rings/boots are common.
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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
With ESP, haste self, Tele other, and decent stealth, there really isn't much that can hurt you unless you let it...
But there's the evil spirit of a dead drunk peasant lurking around in the shadows, waiting for his revenge, so you never know
PWMAngband variant maintainer - check (or to learn more about this new variant!
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Sky is on a distinguished road
21th recall: i dump everything and descend with my regular gear, 1 book of each, 8 extra recalls (i really need 4),3 rod of treasure,3 rod of mapping (need 2 of each), 1 enlightment, 15 CCW, 3 restore mana, 3 restore life levels.

i just need this stuff to cover one full dungeon level, and can go back to restock if i need more.


the good news is my DM extends to almost the entire dungeon. i see fire hounds, small dragons, a umber hulk .. child's play.

A small chest drops me Mordekainen's Escapes; wow, endgame gear. Four more character levels before i can cast Rune Of Protection, and at this point, it's probably useful to grind the XP, as RoP means most uniques are as good as dead. Also useful, i won't have to carry recall scrolls anymore.

I find a long line of vrocks, which don't resist acid. i get killing (they have a lot of hp) and a death quasit shows up and starts draining my DEX mid-fight .. how rude.
I blink and kill it, take another couple hits, but i was gonna Vigor my DEX back anyway.

Level feeling is 5-5, so i head to the stairs.

DL46: i ESP a whole bunch of mature dragons, a 7-head hydra, and some impact hounds, all within 5 squares of me.
I put my back to the wall and try to avoid the force effect, and kill all the hounds. A young red dragon drops The Leather Boots of Beras, [2,+20], (+5, +7) +2 DEX, pFear, pConf, Regen, imm.lightn, not exactly endgame, but i will stash it until the Armorer raises his maximum pay score.

I kill a couple of Ancient Green Dragons without effort, and make away with a potion of *Heal. There is a Ancient Multi Hued Dragon here, but it's sleeping and i don't feel like dying, so i leave it alone.

Level feeling 5-5, i head for the stairs.


a whole bunch of ghouls and ghasts; did these guys get the memo that i can cast fire bolt?

kill them, an elven dark sorcerer, light up the room, find a second Resistances, the level feeling is 6-4. i go to the stairs.

DL48: really small maze level. one potion of WIS, level feeling 5-4. stairs.

DL49: a marilith; i try to haste and melee it, but it turns out i'm not so tough. i blink and acid bolt it many, many times. it does pay out a good deal of XP, though.
A stupid Aranea burns one of my books .. i need to recall. This level was only 6-3 anyway.

22nd recall: the BM has a potion of Heal, and .. 13 scrolls of MBan.

all i need to do now, is find 13 greater vaults.

i sell my scrolls of recall, stash 12 of the MBan, and double up on the base mage books, it's time i did that. i'm also gonna start carrying one potion of Heal.

somewhere along the line, i have levelled up, and i am now CL33, 451 HP, and 261 SP.


i recall next to some algoroths, and a maia, all sleeping and easily killed by acid bolt.

i make my way to the next room, and there is an ancient gold dragon here, 3 treasures, and 5 hellhounds. Instead of lighting the room, i S2M through an obstacle, see two of the three treasures (a potion of STR), and grab it just as the hellhounds wake up. i Tele Self; the hounds will burn my MBan, guaranteed.

the level feeling comes back as 6-6. i look at a coupel treasures, kill some ologs, then head for the stairs.
"you are hit by something strange"

i thought that message was weird, because i was sure i was being hit by some cold hounds. instead, it's a time vortex.

this actually works for me, i quaff a RLL and get back my 5 points of DEX i had lost to that quasit.

I decide to walk around a bit more, then i see an animal pit (hydras, winged horrors, werewolves ..) and decide against it: winged horrors breathe nether, which i do not resist.


DL50: finally, this place seems terribly dangerous!

or so they say. all i can see is various flavours of trolls.

i make my way to the first bunch of trolls, when another death quasit comes at me with his passwall. oh no, not this time. i start blinking and Haste myself, then when i'm in a room, i nuke him with acid.
a law drake, innocent bystander, gets caught in the acid war and perishes.

i move to kill some ologs, and then i stupidly do battle with a ranger and a berserker. i need to haste, slow them both, and blink a few times, but i make away with my life and not more than 5k XP. However, i'm smiling because i recognize the colour of a potion the ranger dropped .. CERULEAN !

yep, a potion of Aug. but before i can reach it, Ren The Unclean shows up, ready to mess up my day.
I decide the best thing is to TO him, quaff the potion, and then decide. The level feeling has come back as 7-5, no artifacts here.

glubgluglugluglub aaah, i quaff the potion and can now count on STR 18/93, INT 18/200, WIS 18/30, DEX 18/70, CON 18/172 (!), 484 HP, and 264 SP. i can easily dig through granite, and melee for a pathetic 70 Dmg/round.

i don't get much time to decide anything. as i kill the water trolls in the next room, i can see Ren approaching, and i also spot Rognar, The Black Troll, sleeping next door.

I tentatively approach to set up the fight, when he wakes up, along with all his friends. I Haste, slow him, blink twice, then proceed as standard and nuke him with acid. He drops The Main Gauche 'Eirnendaur', (1d5) (+8,+22), acid brand, slays everything, but unfortunately no ESP or speed bonus.

i decide to have a go at Ren. My idea is, just keep walking and he will show up; and sure enough, he's there before i even cleared a single room.

i start as usual, but i only have 180 mana, from killing some ice trolls. i haste, slow him, and then nuke him, but i have to blink once and i wind up in the room to the north, where the rest of Rognar's friends decide to join the acid bath party. Eventually everything dies, with me at 6 SP.
Ren dropped 5 items, all junk.



i start next to an ancient gold dragon, but nothing else, so i slow him and nuke him, for his 3k XP.

instead, a Dreadmaster in the next room pays a lot more at 10k, with his erratic movement not helping him avoid my acid bolts.

this is a 8- feeling level, so i'm taking it easy. i find a potion of CON (put me at CON 18/178) lying around, and i try to rest, but a sorceres summons me, and i see that the next room is a 6-room demi-vault.
i kill a ranger before he has a chance to summon everything in the game, head back to the previous room, and rest.

a second dreadmaster shows up, and i have to blink and S2M to get to a room, otherwise he cannot be targeted by my spells as he has passwall. Once in the first room, i nuke him.
I go to the demi vault, and kill some ogres, two death knights, a non-death quasit .. which drops TWO potions of DEX .. and i find 3 potions of INT, which i guess i will sell.

The level feeling finally comes back as 8-$, and a good reason for that 8 might be that Fundin Bluecloak is here, and i sure do not have the gear to kill him. Obviously, i TO him away.
I grab a couple potions, and a death drake shows up. Another passwall, great.

I nuke him a lot, he breathes nether, and for some reason i get the message "you resist the effect". I guess i'm allowed a saving throw anyway?

I wear a nice Dwarven Chain Mail +2 STR +2 CON +2 Infra and carry on.

I finally have the area under control, and i quaff my Enlightment potion .. of which i actually have 5, on me, from various drops, and see that it might have been wasted. There is only one other item in the whole dungeon, everything else was here.

i rush the item. i meet some feeble resistance along the way, but with 550 HP from the Dwarven bonus, i can pretty much bully any mob short of a DL60 undead. It turns out to be a sellable, a chain of resistance, so i load up with stuff to sell and head back to town.
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22nd recall..

i go through my pack and see The Executioner's Sword of Faulgon, (4d5), (+15,+17), +2 Blows, Poison Brand, FA. Not the most exciting drop, but it would bring me to 320 Dmg/round poison, 200 normal.

And also, the Pendant of Lirdaiach, +1 WIS, +1 Light, +1 Stealth, rDark, rLight, rSound, sCON, HL, nice but nowhere near as nice as what i have now.

The Black Market is selling a helm of telepathy ..
I'm still wearing a helm of intelligence +2, if i take that off, my SP should go down .. to ..

well this is weird. Wearing my Dwarven armour, and helm, brings me to 250 SP. taking off the helm of intelligence, brings me UP to 256 SP. (this is due to the armour weight penalty)

for testing, if i take off the dwarven armour, i go to 265 SP, and if i only wear the helm .. still 265. looks like INT 180 and INT 200 have the same spell point bonus.

i make an executive decision, buy the helm of ESP, and wield my newlyfound executioner's sword.
this drops me to +7 base speed, but with twice the DPS, and i can still Haste. 550 HP, 250 SP .. 320/200 damage ..

let's go dungeoneering!
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DL51: this could be trouble.

i recall in a corridor, ESP range to Eol, The Dark Elf, an Elder Vampire (passwall), a whole bunch of Time Hounds .. level feeling 8-. i cut to the chase and quaff my single Enlightment potion right away.

Ok, there are two vaults here. One is the sideways-zigzag vault, and the other is a proper vault, with impassable stone. Where to use my Mban?

well, it's a risk, i should probably see the other vault first, but i HATE time hounds.

.. and then i realize something must have burned my MBam .. DAMN!

i try to nuke the vault, but there is no way i can do this in one pass.

also, to the north, there is a room full of dangerous mobs, a range chieftain, a patriarch .. and Eol wakes up. i TO him, then i TS myself, for some reason in that order. The loss of that MBan is too much for my brain to take.

I keep TS to avoid fighting passwalls that drain life in small corridors. i wind up waking a Crystal Drake which engages me in a extended battle, and i have to resort to Meteor Swarm (31% fail rate) to kill it, with several TO in between and him always finding the way back. Finally i kill it, and ding! to CL34, 565 HP, 258 SP.

i decide to clear a room to the south, to have the left side of the map completely cleared. I fight an enchantress which has time to summon a Death Drake, that hurts me so bad i have to quaff two Heal.

next, is a room close enough for ESP, and it's a troll pit, chock full of troll priests. i haste to the door, and fill it with Acid Ball. Inside, the Steel Shod Boots of Lothil, [7,+12], +7 Speed. Well, it's something.

I go to check out the other vault. I find the elder vampire that's been chasing me, and manage to slow it and he kindly follows me through a corridor, so i fire bolt him. I wake up Medusa, The Gorgon, and TO her away.

In the vault, i see.. well, nothing excessive. I kill some annoying gravity hounds, and a ranger chieftain (i just found a ring of damage +0,+12), and The Scimitar of Moron (accent on the second "o", this is a +2 Blows, 4d2 +12, +15 artifact that i will sell), a AMHD, which i decide to kill .. after all, i have Resistances, so let's put it to use.

And what do you know, he was sitting on The Iron Helm of Helmalir [7,+14] which not only grants ESP, but also +5 DEX, rPois, rDark (which i didnt have), bringing my DPS from 349 to 424 (278 vs resist).

Well, i'm not done yet.

i move around the map, clearing everything before i go to the other vault. i run into Eol, Fundin again, and TO them, then clear a "soldier's room" with lots of mobs in it, TO Medusa, and find myself face to face with Lorgan, Chief Of The Easterlings, who i cannot fight right now.

I TO him, and then something burns my Mage3 books .. i have no acid bolt.

I try my best with Frost Bolt and Magic Missile, and kill some Kobolds, including Mugash, The Kobold Lord, which at this point is just a fat kobold. Somehow, Lorgan managed to find his way into this vault, so i TO him again. ..
The time hound breathes time, and while i'm not hit (i dont know what happened), it kills a bunch of stuff that i wanted dead anyway.

I area-effect the time hounds. i dont kill a single one, but i wound them a lot. eventually i get breathed on and i TS.

I make it back to the vault, i try several times to not engage, but i get swarmed, in the end i accept i will not make any XP out of these hounds, and just straight up murder them with my big sword, then use my RLL and clear the vault.

I find a scroll of MBan .. (ha .. ha .. so funny ..), The Long Sword Of Baraur (3d5) (+14,+16), *Slay Undead*, +2 WIS, Fire Brand, Blessed. A priest's sword, and i'm no priest.

I test zap a rod, and the air around me becomes charged .. well, just at the right time.
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23rd recall:

back at home, i sell almost everything. i managed to pick up a Tensner's, which is completely useless. i test the two spells for the XP, then sell it .. not even worth keeping. Imho, it should contain Greater Recharge, to make it worthwhile, and i wouldn't mind if it also had Heroism or Berserker, like it used to.

Somewhere along the line i must have levelled up, and i am now CL35, HP 577, SP 263. I can now cast Rift, which is super useful for things like Fundin.
I test cast it, failing the first 2 castings at 15%.

One more CL to Rune Of Protection.
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DL51 again:

i recall next to a marilith that is now a much easier target.

I walk around a bit to get a feeling, kill a couple death knights, and find Scatha, The Worm.

Haste, Resistance, Shield, Slow Monster, and then i decide to try Shock Wave, and by luck the first casting stuns Scatha, which then dies a miserable death.
Scatha drops the rather nice Iron Crown Of Neith [0, +19], +3 STR, +3 INT, rSound, pBlind, sWIS, Regen, SeeInv, it does not have ESP and it's also cursed with Hit Chance curse, so for now it will have to stay in stash.
And also The Morning Star 'Luing', (4d6) (+6,+12), slays everything, Acid Brand, rNether, +4 INT, less damage but the very useful resist nether; i make the swap.

I can pretty much walk around the dungeon undisturbed. I TS a bit, pick up some XP, a potion of CON, one of STR, and head for the stairs with a majestic 629 HP at CL35.


a DM reveals absolutely nothing to wait for. Kobolds at this depth are a disgrace. i head for the stairs.


more of the same. trolls, a golem pit ...i murder some dragons but not drops.


i go down the stairs and find myself standing RIGHT NEXT to Eol, The Dark Elf. I decide this is a sign from above and i must kill him.
Haste, Resistance, Shield, Slow, and then Shock Wave again, and again i stun him on the first try. I melee him furiously, and when he becomes unstunned, i shock him again and he misses his save, so i finish him off.

Eol is dead, but his drops are pathetic. I get ready to move, when i feel a dark presence coming over me .. Ji Indur Deathdawn, sword in hand, is coming to fight me.

I try Shock Wave many times, but Ji cannot be stunned. I try Acid Bold, but he just laughs it off .. this will have to be melee, and so be it.

I fight him for a while, he decides to summon a hand druji, which could mean my instant death, but i manage to TO the druji.
We keep fighting, and he destroys my stats, but finally he has enough and starts to run, so i quaff my RLL and acid bolt him to his final death.


Bleah. Let's leave this 5-5 level.


gosh .. what happened to finding greater vaults at DL45 ..

but no, it's orcs and vampires and trolls. level feeling 6-5.


aah yes, a vault. Small, but still a vault.

too happy, i clear the outside perimeter, when i see the vault is in direct contact with a Hydra pit ..

Now, i dont mind a hydra pit, it's good exp with not much work, but i might as well just throw away my scrolls.

So, i TS, with the plan of dropping my scrolls somewhere and then picking back up after i clean.
After the TS, i see a sleeping Smaug The Golden. Smaug is not particularly strong, so i prep and go in for the kill.

Smaug resists my attempts to stun him many times, but finally fails a save, and we melee. I have to blink once, and quaff some CCW, but the battle ends in him dropping two artifacts, but sadly no Arkenstone.
The Wicker Shield Of Inquen, a +5 SPD, +5 INT shield which is nice, but i dont need it now. And the Jewel 'Naurossar', rPois, rNeth, +3 SPD.

As i finish my battle with Smaug, and pick up the drops, a Ringwraith comes along, and i TO it. I then try to kill a bunch of ghouls so i can rest, and Shelob decides to try her luck. Unfortunately, i am still buffed, and i stun her easily, and she dies.


what's that spell, that requires mage CL36 to cast? That's right children, it's Rune Of Protection. CL36, 651 HP, 271 SP.

Now, i finally have time to rest and look around. The level feeling is 8-8, and i see a vault. I have 2 Mban, i can easily use one.

I move to the vault, and i see Dwar, Dog Lord of Waw. i prepare as usual, and i'm in the middle of stunning him as i see Maeglin, The Traitor of Gondolin, who used to be annoying before, but with the new pathfinding algorithm is a veritable pain in the buttocks.

I change tactic, TO Dwar, and prepare to TO Maeglin - who i will not be killing this time.

I plan to raid the vault in a hurry, as i know there are no artifacts here. I TO the uniques a couple times, break some granite doors, and fail to disarm a trapdooooooooooooooooooooooor.


i just want to go home.

i walk around a bit, and get a level feeling 5-3. Ok, i recall now.
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