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ToME 3 still alive (maybe)

ToME is still one of my favorite roguelikes, so I've been checking in at periodically. If you haven't been there recently, the forums were upgraded. I must say I am not a fan of the new look, but anyway...

Anyway, it appears that there is some progress being made on development.

Just noticed this cryptic announcement

Exciting times indeed are coming to bear here at the ToME forums! For all ye who have been faithful, we are here to deliver. I'm pleased to announce the official formation of our brand new ToME3 team:

ToME3 Project Manager: Madmonk
ToME3 Engine Design: Nerdanel
ToME3 Module Design: Elcugo

If anyone has an interest in becoming involved with what will probably turn into the biggest overhaul in Angband variant history, contact one of these three guys and they'll set you to work. We also welcome any and all ideas and input in the ToME 3 section, so feel free to post to your hearts content over there.

There may also be a very exciting announcement coming down the wire pretty soon, but I wouldn't want to spoil it for you just yet. Suffice it to say that some very interesting things have happened in the past few weeks and we're very excited to bring you ToME as you've never seen it before.
Also, more details on the process- T3 engine will be finished first, then more attention to the ToME module itself...

One of the tragedies of the hacker destruction of the old forum is that the sub-forum ToME 3>Ideas has ZERO threads.

Any speculation as to the "ToME as you've never seen it before". New GUI? iPhone?
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Oh dear... for some reason all I can think of for "ToME as you've never seen it before" is that the Tolkien estate finally caught on to us and took over the project, and now it's gonna be a commercial MMO akin to Middle-Earth Online... (is that what the game's called, anyway? I honestly don't pay much attention to MMO's )
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