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YAWP - High Elf Warrior - Ironman

After winning with a priest in ironman fairly easily, I decided to go with warrior.


I also did it with randarts to give some more variety.

This guy was fairly lucky with drops for the most part, getting some good speed items allowing me to wear non-speed boots and maintain native +30 speed.

I died many times trying to get a warrior to win this way and I learned quite a bit.

The Morgoth fight was light on consumables, and the end of it had me literally teleporting him away so I could span a CLW staff that I was burning ?recharge on.

Main lessons learned:

1. See Invis is king. While paralyze is a death sentence, it is generally pretty easy to avoid things that paralyze you until you get see invis. If you can't see invis by the time Dreads start showing up, you will likely die. This is the biggest reason why I picked High Elf, so I would not need to worry about it ever.

2. Consumables are also king. You need consumables to survive the last two fights as a warrior, no way around it. Feel free to chug !clw and !csw after you get a bit deeper when space becomes premium, they won't help you survive much deeper. This also brings me into point 3...

3. Avoid 'hard' fights. If fighting a monster will require you to drink lots of consumables, then avoid fighting it. Leave the level if needed. Remember that wands and missile weapons can make a dangerous fight much less so.

4. Rods - the most important rod is detect traps, followed by doors/stairs, followed by treasure. If you find -detect, then feel free to drop -treasure and -doors. Keep traps until you have a large pool of -detect, because you never want to venture anywhere without knowing where the traps are.

5. Vaults - get items when you can, but don't crack vaults unless you know what is inside or have an escape option. -to rods are great here, but don't blow wand charges unless you spy some *really* good items. **EXCEPTION** if the vault has the one ring in it, do whatever you can to get it. Even if you die in the process, it was worth it.

6. If you -to a very dangerous monster, leave the level (unless you have telepathy). Many deaths are caused by forgetting you bumped the Tarrasque away and then he breathes from offscreen.

7. If you -to a very dangerous monster, don't use teleport. You will probably end up in the same room with it because irony.

8. Teleport is not a viable escape unless not teleporting is certain death.

9. Save ?recharge scrolls as much as you can. They are super useful in the later stages when you find good wands/staves.

10. Finally, if it can fail, don't depend on it. If a monster can kill you next turn, don't depend on a -to wand or rod to get rid of it, it could fail and you could die. However if it is your only option, it's better than nothing.

11. Bonus tip! Don't fight monsters that can summon other monsters in the open.

Also if you can, light up rooms and corridors. -illumination is nice to carry until you get an item that activates for enlightenment. Just be careful, it can wake up monsters and give you a bad time. Detect before you light up.
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ad 5. : "My precious!"

Fire immunity is sweet, but with gauntlets of power, you would have killed M before he would summon the Tarrasque. For the endfight, I would swap if there was the opportunity.
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