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Originally Posted by clouded View Post
You can equip the new quiver without doing anything else. The ammo isn't actually in the item, equipping a quiver just gives you access to a second inventory essentially.
Thanks, that is really useful information.
I wonder what happens if you just take off your quiver. Will the ammo drop to the ground, disappear or just stay in the 'quiver dimenson'?
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It wont let you deliberately take it off without emptying it. However something like a possessor can lose the slot dropping the quiver but keeping the contents.
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In that case, I'm happy with the way quivers work. Apart from the problem with possessors, but there is a long for me to go before playing anything more complex than meelee or rogue classes.
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Chris, thanks for taking many of our changes into "vanilla" poschengband! I'm particularly happy that you added (and expanded) my option to mix standarts and replacementarts in the same game, since that is one of my favorite changes personally.

I haven't yet played 6.0 myself (this is due to a combination of being distracted by other games and not being very interested in the quiver (I have all ammo on autodestroy...)), but I noticed that there are a few important bugfixes in elliposchengband that you don't seem to have taken, as well as some minor changes that you didn't comment on previously and thus might be interested in. So I took the elliposchengband changelog here and tried to remove the changes that you've taken, leaving these:

Significant gameplay changes:
- Remove non-rune spells from rune-knights, remove MP costs from rune spells.
(a7754bd, 926bae6, 1526f52)

Minor gameplay changes:
no_wilderness changes:
- Give dungeon guardians their special drop in no_wilderness. (bd8e73c)

randart changes:
- Keep activations of replaced randarts. (27716f8, 425a0eb, 151d683, bc0a7c9)
- Tweak replacementart object_level. (81ad7bc)

specific races/classes:
- Make !newlife reroll subrace for those monster races with random subrace
(a2907a6, 2a14d0d)
- Remove erratic movement for players. (c3d6de5)
- Make Duelists automatically duel when attacking a monster. (32c911e)

- Tweak dungeon quest depths. (eb5275b)

- Only trigger eldritch horror/fear effects for monsters in LOS (a150551)
- Allow small_levels to work on all dungeons. (0b7aecd)
- Allow teleporting/recalling to all locations from birth. (e959e35)

Interface changes:
- Don't randomize starting gold. (7d1b8fa)
- Don't randomize starting object quantities. (5ce8ea8)
- Start with a lantern instead of torches (7d1b8fa)
- Allow all species to eat at the inn.
- Give Beginner spell proficiency immediately upon casting the spell once
(since you can get to Beginner with 15 casts in town anyway). (12be6d5)

easy_lore (not all changes implemented properly for games with easy_lore
turned off, since I always use it):
- Show average spell damage in monster recall.
(dc853ff, a6c0a2d)
- Revert "Monster Lore: Always display the observed spell frequency" - at
least in easy_lore this commit isn't good. (3be7781)
- Give players auto_id at XL 25 when using easy_lore. (5a2b4b8)

- Display seconds in playtime. (681321c)
- Automatic character dump on death (e79b7c5, 92c6322)
- Don't give a message when failing to autodestroy artefacts (5ac422f)
- Always allow browsing spell information (6cbc176)
- Change landmines/lurkers etc to the 'x' glyph (4939c3c)
- Remove maprot from the Labyrinth (dc9fc7b)
- Let Ninjas regain stealth by spending a turn stationary. (498aba1)
- Allow creation of monster spoilers without wizard mode. (9534461)

Bug fixes:
- Fix branding spells working on randarts. (c233c82)
- Fix enchanting prices not being additive. (8636a03)
- Fix aether vortex damage display. (7addefc)
- Fix shoggoth speech. (45b7da5)

I'd like to comment on a few of these changes - a couple of them I know you said you didn't like, but I thought I would explain my reasoning for them:

Rune knight changes: I don't feel particularly strongly about these (though I made them in response to everyone telling me that rune knight is ridiculously overpowered), but I think you are mistaken if you think that the rune knight MP mechanic places any interesting restrictions on placing runes on items. Since you can only place one rune on any item and can't remove it, you are only placing a couple dozen runes all game and you aren't likely to be doing this in combat, so you can just find some weak casty monster to regenerate your MP when necessary. That said, rune knight is a bit close to weaponsmith after the changes I made so perhaps there is something better to be done... I really hate mechanics like runeknight MP that just make the game more tedious though.

Dungeon guardians getting their special drop in no_wilderness: This seemed pretty reasonable to me given that we already have a bunch of uniques with special drops (artifacts) and no_wilderness is going to be harder than wilderness regardless. It's nice to smooth out item drops by guaranteeing dungeon spellbooks, one !newlife, and such.

Replacement randarts keeping their activations: I don't care as much about this feature now that I can mix standarts and replacementarts in the same game, but I added it because randart activations are mostly incredibly boring (and bad) compared with the standart ones. Previously I could easily play an entire randart game and not find a single activation that I had any interest in using. It's also sort of a nice reminder of what the standart that was replaced was... e.g. the Phial still makes light. The activation is taken into account when computing the power of the replacementart, too.

Make !newlife reroll subrace for monster races with random subrace: This felt consistent with !newlife rerolling wild-talent or psion abilities.

Tweak dungeon quest depths: The current progression (6, 12, 24, 38, 44, ...) is very weird... it is actually an artifact of the original implementation of random quests in Zangband, which let you choose a number of quests (1-49) at game start. This commit (eb5275b) smooths out the sequence of depths and also tweaks the monster selection so that there aren't some depths of unique that never get placed by a quest - there are currently a bunch of uniques that are never quest monsters just because of their depths.

De-randomizing starting gold and other object quantities: It isn't very fun to restart characters until they start with 5 potions of speed instead of 3.

Allowing all races to eat at the inn: This is again just an exercise in reducing unnecessary tedium. A balrog can run around and kill and eat townspeople whenever it is in town, so why not save players the trouble? You still need to handle nonstandard eating while in the dungeon.

Give Beginner spell proficiency on the first cast of a spell: As I noted in the commit, this is just saving players from casting the spell 15 times in the town with no danger. I wouldn't mind seeing spell proficiency being made less scummy in general (it is my least favorite part of poscheng spellcasting), but the Beginner part of scumming it up is especially bad.

Show average spell damage in monster recall: This seems like a reasonable thing to show, at least in easy_lore. It has been one of the more popular changes...

Show actual spell frequency in monster recall: I really, really don't understand why you want to replace the true spell frequency by the inaccurate proportion observed by the player when easy_lore is on. From my perspective, the whole point of giving perfect recall to the player when easy_lore is on is so that players don't feel the need to consult r_info.txt or other spoilers all the time while playing, so giving accurate info there seems like a good idea...

Auto ID at XL 25 when using easy_lore: This removes the tedious swapping of stone of lore, which players usually find at around this XL anyway. If players can ID things more or less for free by pressing a couple keys, why not give it to them for free?

Automatic character dump on death: This makes it impossible to miss out on getting a death dump by accidentally pressing a key at the wrong time after dying, which is one of the more annoying things that can happen in *bands.

Always allow browsing spell information: It is nice to be able to see what spells will do before learning them. This isn't a big deal, but I don't see any reason to hide this from the player either.

Fix branding spells working on randarts: In your 6.0.3 post it seems that you misread this commit (c233c82). Currently there is a rather serious bug that lets players use various branding spells to add slays to randarts. This commit fixes this bug by disallowing this. Branding spells already don't work on ego items or on standarts, and this commit doesn't change this.

Fix enchanting prices not being additive: Currently if you have a +0 weapon and want to enchant it to +11 at the appropriate town building, you can either enchant it up one notch at a time or enchant it all the way to +11 in one step. However, the total price is not the same either way. I forget the details at this point, but there was a bug that could sometimes make it cost substantially more to enchant all the way to +11 in one step, and this commit (8636a03) fixes it.

Fix aether vortex damage display: This commit fixes a bug that caused the damage display for aether vortex melee to underestimate its damage by a significant amount.

Finally, like others here I was a fan of the ironman_quests option... it really makes unique quests more fun to be able to check who the quest is and then decide whether you need more preparation before fighting them. It's also annoying to enter a quest level accidentally without this option if you forget what depth it is.
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Originally Posted by HugoTheGreat2011 View Post
Dude post this onto the PosChengband github bug tracker...Chris might notice it sooner this way
Alright, maybe.
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This has been mentioned before, but related to ammo. My problem is related to wands, staves and rods:

If you apply the same inscription to multiple items, only the last item (of a type) is accessibly. This is a big problem with multiple wands, staves and rods combined with automatic inscription, as you can only use the charges from the last item. When the last item has no charges, the menu will still list the item and not give access to the other items in the menu.

This character carries two staves of Detect Traps, but only one staff is usable. I have '(staves:detect traps#@ut' in the auto-pickup/squelch file.

The menu in 6.0.x looks something like this:
Use which staff?
 ) a Staff: Detect Traps (6/6 charges) {@ut}
t) a Staff of Resistance: Detect Traps (4/7 charges) {@ut}
c) a Staff: Teleport (8/8 charges) {!u}
3) a Staff: Identify (9/9 charges) {@u3}
The first staff is unusable even when the second staff runs out of charges. Admittedly, I haven't tried using 'u ' to see if it fires the first staff, but that would still be a problem if two or more items showed up as ' )' in the menu.

In 5.0.5 the menu would look like this:
Use which staff?
n) a Staff: Detect Traps (6/6 charges) {@ut}
o) a Staff of Resistance: Detect Traps (4/7 charges) {@ut}
p) a Staff: Teleport (8/8 charges) {!u}
q) a Staff: Identify (9/9 charges) {@u3}
'ut' will fire the second staff (even when out of charges), but the first staff is still accessible using 'un'.

One (simple?) solution could be to keep the original letter for items that end up with ' )'. Like this:

Use which staff?
a) a Staff: Detect Traps (6/6 charges) {@ut}
t) a Staff of Resistance: Detect Traps (4/7 charges) {@ut}
c) a Staff: Teleport (8/8 charges) {!u}
3) a Staff: Identify (9/9 charges) {@u3}
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Just a note that minor enchant on the poison needle still works
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Some responses that I composed off-line (so may be out of date).

MITZE: Is there a way to force a quest reward to be {average}?
No. At the moment quest rewards are forced at least good since this is what is wanted in every case I can think of. Having to say OBJ(..., DEPTH+1) in each of the cases I wanted this default was getting tiresome, so I made objects default to {good}. If you can convince me why {average} would be useful , I'll take the time to add syntax for it (e.g. OBJ(..., AVERAGE) or some such). I've been scrambling on other fixes recently though ...

HugoTheGreat2011: 1) You cannot sell any wielded equipment at the stores or drop any wielded ones at your home!
Yes, but you can takeoff then sell/drop without leaving the store. I'll get around to this eventually ...
monsters awake in wilderness ambushes ...
I'll look at these when I get a chance (not sure why you are complaining, though!). There are 2 types of ambushes: scripted and un-scripted. The former are designed in v_info.txt and usually spawn with the player surrounded by *lots* of monsters. Are these guys asleep? I've never seen that happen. Anyway, you can teleport away from the scripted ambush ... other monsters have a 1 in 3 chance of being asleep and you can escape those.

For unscripted ambushes, monsters should not be asleep. But, if you induce a "wilderness scroll", then the 1 in 3 chance of sleeping applies to any new monsters that spawn.

Usually, it is possible to escape ambushes by teleporting until the '<' key works. I don't like this ...

TheQuest: Add "move to location" to pets menu so to command pets/summons to move to certain location to scout area, for example
To work properly, pets would need more intelligent pathfinding. Adding this is non-trivial (though not too difficult). It would, however, require some rebalancing. At the moment, your pets can "seek prey", but they are stupid. To get them to fight monsters, you normally need to join the battle, leading your pets to the desired fight. This forces you to expose yourself. Of course, you can currently lead your pets then teleport to safety. Trump casters have Dimension Door and Swap Position which are better still.

In short, this is a major change to the pet system, so I'm holding off for now.

HugoTheGreat2011: Bug: Eric the Usurper and Old Man Willow can spawn outside of their respective town quests. If killed prior to their quests, they can still re-spawn in the quests as if nothing happened.
Not a bug ... true since Zangband days. Putting uniques inside town quests always allows them to resurrect if they are already dead. We could change this, though, if desired, but the change would be to make them not spawn outside of their quest. I'm not sure I like forcing players to do certain town quests ... For the longest time, Eric's Stronghold was horribly, horribly broken.

clouded: 3) Having multiple pages for your inventory is really clunky, since the second page will only ever have 4 or so items, seems like unnecessary interface burden.
Just make your map area bigger. The UI supports 80x24 displays if you want, but playing that way (which I assume is by preference rather than necessity) will be less than optimal. The inventory UI is designed to support *any* number of inventory slots, rather than just what might happen to fit on 20+ year old hardware. Somebody might want to experiment with other pack limitations than a simple fixed number of slots, and I'd like this to be easily supported.

clouded: What do guardians achieve though?.... I think they are actively bad for gameplay
HugoTheGreat2011: I think Chris wanted to reduce the likelihood of becoming too powerful too early in the game. i.e. game balance in his terms.
Not entirely.
[1] Wilderness access to deep dungeons is one of Hengband's major exploits. I (and others) have *vast* amounts of experience with this. It is rather easy to learn to survive at, say, DL60 if you have modest stealth and good detection. Since the top levels regenerate each time you enter, you used to be able to stair-scum -- Up, Down, Up, Down -- until you find a suitably isolated, easily exploited enemy. Drops are boosted and XP is inordinate for the risk involved. Its a very major exploit, and very different from power diving in Angband (where stair climbing is not possible and you forfeit the quests and your fame). The Hengband developers were probably aware of this: d_info.txt has a min_player_level field ... but it is not enforced.

[2] The guardians are weak for what they are guarding. Seriously, if you can't handle a DL46 monster guarding DL60, then you have no business being on DL60. Still, I'm willing to change the Dragon's Lair guardian to an AMHD which is more easily handled (!Speed, Resistance, Healing). Most of the other dungeons are less formidably guarded. What's wrong with hanging out in The Castle instead? Then you can dive down to DL64 if you like without forfeiting quests. It must not be the DL you are interested in after all, but those dragons.

[3] Another popular "usage" of the wilderness access is for ?Acquirement. The player has no intention of actually exploring the dungeon, and is probably too scared to even try. But reading that scroll and then fleeing ... Well, sometimes this works out very well. (Yes, I know you can still read these on L50 wilderness tiles, I just haven't closed this loophole yet).

[4] I agree with Hugo that guardians enrich the game. If you really wish to do the Dragon's Lair early, or read that pile of ?Acquirement, then you can sellout for the guardian, bringing lots of speed, healing and what not. Its more satisfying to accomplish this, and then you feel like you earned your access to the Dragon's Lair! Trying to Bull Rush The Warp Demon guarding R'lyeh produces a similar adrenaline rush.

Pete Mack: Dungeon guardians do the opposite: they force you to become powerful too early in the game.
I disagree. Anybody can kill an Anti-paladin and go as deep as they like in The Castle (DL40 to 65). Before that, you can do The Mountain (jubjub bird). Or what about The Graveyard (Master Lich) giving access to DL50 to 70. What guardians prevent are CL10 characters from being some place they have no reason being. After all, if you die that early, what do you lose? But if not, then you can skip large swathes of the game. Also, the deep access points (DL60+) tend to be well guarded to prevent ?Acquirement scumming which most players want to do in the early CL20s.

OK, enough about guardians. You can easily remove them from your copy of the game by deleting the INITIAL_GUARDIAN_XXX flags in d_info.txt.

Let's talk about Snipers and Archery:
clouded: this came with a damage nerf for ranged puts a sour taste in the mouth. Not to mention the other interface losses for all the characters who don't even use ranged caused by the rewrites. Sorry to be so harsh but playing a sniper puts me in a bad mood.
Sorry about interface issues ... getting the quiver to not be a gigantic hack required a very large re-write. Things will get fixed/improved.

But the sniper? Their damage (except for Saint Stars Arrow) actually went up with the re-write. By almost 30%! This was not intentional, but your complaints on this class caused me to playtest one a bit. Some minor and not so minor changes are coming in the next release (see the post below). Mostly I just gave the class some UI love so that, for example, browsing the spells shows your damage and accuracy correctly. Also, I added an option for "display_percentages" rather than status bars for things like monster health. With Probing, you can know fairly accurately how much damage you are doing (Hint: average 2000+ even counting accuracy, which is 88% or more, btw).

This is one class where you need to think a bit. For example, you should only need about 20 bolts to win the game, and let's just say The Serpent is a pushover if you only let him get 20 or so moves against you! I won't spoil it, but its pretty obvious, and something you should have worked out while playing. I mean, you did notice yourself one-shotting monsters with 3000+ hitpoints, right? It made me very sad to hear this class trashed since it is, in my opion, one of the best and most fun classes out there ... I'd rank it as Hengband's #2 contribution behind the Ninja (of course).

As for the Archery changes: The Sniper doesn't need them! They don't need a quiver, or more interesting ego ammo. The damage nerfs were to shots per round only (or mainly), and The Sniper only ever got one. In short, this is the wrong class to use to assess the archery changes. I've playtested Skillmasters fairly deep and Archers only shallowly. Those, together with Rangers I guess, are what needs testing.

clouded: To say it again: the solution I think is best is to make ammo infinite.
I think this is a really bad idea. Rather than addressing game design problems, it puts an unrealistic and game diminishing band-aid solution. Never having played Tome or TomeNET, though, I can only guess at what you mean by the solution. The most charitable interpretation that I can imagine is that infinite ammo still allows for ammo diversity (ego, artifact, etc) but does not come in a pile. When you shoot, you still pick which ammo to use, but firing "infinite" ammo does not remove it from your pack. So you can keep shooting it.

Other people have proposed "infinite ammo" to mean something different, usually completely removing the concept of ammo altogether so that bows become devices, and just shoot the same hard coded whatever every time. Obviously, I *hate* this idea.

Here are my thoughts:
[1] Archers in Hengband were boring, mostly because there was absolutely no re-play diversity to them. Every game was simply get "Longbow of Bard" from Old Castle and procure large piles of Seeker Arrows (+10, +10). Gameplay, while still strategic in other regards, was mostly just pressing the fire key.

[2] Ammo creation produces dinky piles with highly variable magical enchantments, so it never stacks. If you convert 20 skeletons, you invariably end up with 10 or 15 disparate piles of ammo (only average ammo combines). Getting ego seeker arrows out of Create Ammo was a disappointment, since you could never get enough matches to overcome the pack slot limitations. So you either junked your egos, or read ?Mundanity on them. How awful!!

[3] Adding a quiver makes Create Ammo useful, both in the dungeon and in town. Previously, you had to use this in town since your pack was always overflowing. Now once you find a quiver with some head room, you can convert skeletons on the fly, junking the cursed and average results. And when you get a pile of 4 ego bolts, you are actually happy since you can use them without penalty. I'm playing an Archer as we speak and am finding the gameplay so enjoyable, using Create Ammo continuously from the get go, and harvesting the best creations for immediate use. For example, I got a pile of 4 mithril bolts with Kill Animal that are delightul against pesky Wyverns (low CL20s). Slay orc ammo has been common, and used against Azog. I've gotten exploding ammo for the orc hordes, elemental ammo for miscellaneous uniques, and a steady stream of steel bolts for clearing the weak stuff. Gameplay has been fabulously interesting. Why would you want to junk this and return to boring play? I'm completely befuddled ...

[4] The quiver is not fiddly. Use mneumonic inscriptions to manage things. @fo for your orc killers. @fp for your people (human) killers. Etc. I do @fa on multiple piles for my default fire key, and the game automatically spills over from one pile to the next as they are consumed (going from bottom to top which is generally from most powerful to weakest ... which is what I want).

[5] Now, on to strategy. Archers only have a finite amount of ammo which requires thought to handle well. Do I enter that vault, or lure things out? If I take on that guy, will he breathe Chaos and destroy my precious seeker arrows? Maybe I should shoot a few shots, then duck around the corner and let him chase me a bit, just to be safe? And that big guy over there? He's gonna take alot of my ammo. I better wait before fighting him and clear the level a bit to make sure nobody interrupts us. For monsters like Gothmog and the Destroyer, you can shoot a bit then teleport them away to reclaim your ammo. (I once took down Gothmog with 6 mithril shots of returning. Being a Weaponsmith, I only had enough Kill Demon essences for that many shots, and the returning was just enough to get him on the last shot, the others having failed to return or destroyed. What a delightful experience! How would "infinite ammo" play in this case? Can a weaponsmith get infinite Kill Evil stuff?).

[6] Infinite ammo removes many of these strategic situations. I hesitate to add it because I think it will make the game worse, not better, and because I think that the recent archery changes have immensely enriched the game. But that is my playstyle preference. I want a game that challenges me to think. I want the joy of finding awesome ammo, knowing that it won't last forever. I want the risk of overextending myself as an archer and facing difficult decisions regarding strategic retreats. If you lay out 70 seeker arrows then get a nasty summons, you may have to lose those arrows. With infinite ammo, there is no such risk. How lame! Just fire, fire, fire ... It doesn't sound like the game for me, and ultimately, I need to build a game that I enjoy. There are plenty of other variants out there, perhaps more to your style. Diversity is a good thing.
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Yet another release (6.0.5) at

This time, there was a SIGSEGV bug report ... ouch!

Main Changes:
[1] New option for old pack behavior: use_pack_slots. Should be on by default.

[2] Sniper rewrite for better UI. Browse spells to display damage/accuracy. Bookless casters can browse using the uppercase menu choice just like Skillmasters. That only leaves book based casters with the lame UI.

[3] Miscellaneous sniper game play changes:
[3.1] Monster vulnerabilities (Fire and Cold) are now a factor. The first player to one-shot one of the big giants (Loki, Ymir, Surtur) will get a special prize!
[3.2] Sniper powers enhance rather than supplant corresponding ego flags. For example, Burning Shot on flame branded ammo is even more deadly.
[3.3] Alas, snipers are a bit too OP for the Serpent, so I had to make stunning more meaningful. They still should be the easiest class to win with (once you get to the Serpent, of course).

[4] Lots of work on inventory messaging. With use_pack_slots, you should see the correct slot in your messages (unlike the old pre 6.0 code, which usually told you the slot just before re-sorting your pack).

[5] 'g' is now normal get. '^G' is auto-get. Now you can decide which to use. If you always want auto-get and find '^G' annoyingly hard to type, add a keymap from g->^G. Then, when you want the conservative get, type '\g'.

[6] Quivers no longer automatically accept everything: only ammo that can combine with an existing pile or that is inscribed with '=g' is automatically added. Of course, you still need to wear a quiver, and the ammo must also match your shooter.

Here is a git shortlog of all the commits. I'm trying to write more meaningful commit messages, so you may want to read the full commit info on github.

poschengband (51):
Bump version to 6.0.5
x11: restore blending of monster/object with terrain features
oook: quest reward lost when pack is full
oook: fix wilderness travel lag
oook request: give alternatives to page_up/down in home/shops/inventory
oook report: no running in wild_mode (introduced in b11b419a)
oook report: SIGSEGV in wilderness shop encounter
oook report: possession history incorrectly displays quests
oook report: selling un-identified excellent ammo gives full price (sometimes)
use_pack_slots: new option for old pack behavior
oook request: bring back disturb on autoget obj
Downgrade Dragons' Lair Guardian
Sniper: Recode for more informative UI
Inventory: Displaying Slots
Inventory: Display Slots (cont)
Inventory: Display Slots (cont)
Sniper: Playtesting (UI)
Snipers: Adjust Damage Distribution
UI Messages: Playtesting
Auto-Get: Separate Commands for Normal and Auto-Get
Quiver no longer 'likes' unidentified ammo
Fix double screenshot for killing The Serpent of Chaos
UI Messages: Playtesting
Improve UI for Getting Object Piles
Home: Fix double get message
Messages: Combining objects (piles) loses OM_DELAYED_MSG
Devices: Display Fail Rates inside Inscriptions
Travel: Improve Route Selection
Devices: Tighten up random distributions
Sniper: Apply Ammo Boost Before Vulnerability Check
oook report: funky activation messages
Wilderness: Force Viewport Center on Generate
Devices: Blandify Fail Rate Inscriptions
Devices: Give Message after Usage
Snipers: Endurance Ammo Endures Evilness and Holyness
Snipers: OP vs Serpent
display_percentages in status bars rather than [****---]
oook bug: shapeshifting and the quiver
oook report: un-necessary pack overflow when wielding
oook request: display object list from do_cmd_look
Object List in do_cmd_look: Handle case when monster is on a pile of objects
Egos: Increase pvals ... especially on early CON boosters
Golems: Change Test Hit Mechanics
Stats: Show Ammo Usage
gcc -O2 found something clang missed
Stats: Show Equipment Usage
Archers: More Crits. Smooth Critical Multipliers
Archery: A new bolt, the deadliest of them all!
Quivers: Don't prompt for quanity if just 1
Quiver is more discriminating in its affections
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Originally Posted by nikheizen View Post
Hey Chris. Compiling with gcc seems to be broken.

"pie and ld may not be used together"

I think because the latest gcc (6) uses pie automatically, so you may need to disable it explicitly in the build process.

Pleasee help, I really want to play the new versions wihtout downgrading gcc if possible!
I'll look into this ... There is a --no-pie flag that needs to be set.
configure LDFLAGS="--no-pie" --with-no-install ...
Or some such? I'll research when I get the time, but it might be a few weeks before I am back online.

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