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Originally Posted by Big Al View Post
Thanks for the report!
Yes, bug.

Identify (and Recharge I) were added to all Magic Shops in the SVN recently. If you find a spellbook with the identify spell in it, you can sell it to a shopkeeper to add the service of ID (though they are pretty rare, IIRC.)

I was about to post the same thing - it doesn't scale at all, and only does 3d5 if you can get the monster to stay still. It's somewhat useful against eg. a line of orcs in a hallway, but there are very few small hallways. Perhaps make both the damage and duration go up slowly?

Sounds like a bug, thanks.
Re: ID. I can't browse books outside my specialty, so I'm not sure which books to sell. Is there a chance we could change things so that all characters could at least browse spellbooks for descriptions, even if you can't use them? Or at least let literate chars do it...

Yes, and scaling would be very nice. Keep the spell useful since the class doesn't seem to have very many damage types available.

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