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Therem Harth
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Oh no, I've caused an intermittent bug

So I'm trying to bring stat restore potions back to Angband 3.3.0. The code is all there, so I just put the potion entries in object.txt... And now Angband quits on start with this message:

Unable to (re-)stock store 4. Please report this bug
It looks like store 4 is the Alchemist. Do some Googling... Hey, maybe the presence of stat restore potions there is hard coded, and there are too many entries? So I try removing some items from the Alchemist's store.

And it works... Once. Then Angband continues to crash on start.

What's going on? Have I found some lower level problem in the code, or did I do something dumb?

Edit: dang it this is in the wrong forum. Can someone move this to Development?

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