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Sil 1.1

Sil 1.1 is now available.

Headline features:

* 250% more Balrogs!
* More than 20 new artefacts
* Extensive changes to special items
* Many changes to the monster list to give each type more character

Full Changelist:

- broke savefile compatibility

- getting silmarils
	- it is now easier to cut out the first Silmaril
	- your weapon can now break on either the second or the third Silmaril
	- you no longer suffer the rapid attack penalties when cutting if you have that ability active

- elemental damage
	- for pure elemental damage (breaths and things as opposed to melee with elements)
		- you now get your resistance before your protection roll
		- used to be the other way around
		- you have always only had a limited amount of prot for such attacks
			- e.g. rings of prot, hardiness, song of staying, (& shields for fire/cold)
			- now these sources of prot actually matter a bit when you have resistance
	- added elemental vulnerabilities
		- these are very rare, and they lower your resistance by one level
		- if it is a level below no resistance, you take double damage, then triple etc.

- monsters
	- many changes, including the following...
	- balrogs:
		- added five more, giving a full complement of seven
		- they are rare, but *very* dangerous
	- giants:
		- lowered perception substantially
		- changed the colours, and flavour text and a few stats for Nan and Gilim
	- orcs:
		- improved Boldog's melee and damage by 1
		- improved Orcobal's melee and damage by 1
		- corrected 'Othrond' to 'Othrod'
			- not sure where that mistake came from!
			- gave him an extra 1 to melee to compensate him for the indignity
	- cats:
		- lowered cat warrior health by 2d4 (20%)
		- lowered Umuiyan's health by 1d4, to put him into the progression
		- moved Umuiyan from shortbow (1d7) to longbow (1d9)
		- improved the archery score of cat assassins by 2
		- lowered will substantially
	- wolves:
		- minor modifications of attack and evasion to put them into a unified pattern
		- lowered the non-unique's health across the board (to 6d4, 8d4, 10d4, 12d4, 14d4)
		- increased the health of Gorthaur and Carcharoth
		- increased the damage of Gorthaur
		- lowered the armour of wargs (from [2d4] to [1d4])
	- trolls:
		- increased health and melee slightly
		- lowered will and perception substantially
	- insects/centipedes:
		- unified health to 2d4
			- a decrease for centipedes and dragonflies
			- an increase for hummerhorns
			- these creatures gain their defence from evasion/prot rather than health
			- (also worth noting: bats are 2d4 as well, birds are 1d4)
	- spiders:
		- increased the melee and damage of Ancient Spider attacks
		- increased the melee and damage of Ungoliant's attacks
		- increased the health of most late-game spiders
		- increased Shelob's darkness radius and damage
	- molds:
		- made violet molds half as common as before
			- now a quarter as common as other mold types
	- humans and elves:
		- reduced easterling archers' archery skill by 1
		- improved easterling uniques' melee skill by 1
		- increased Maeglin's melee and evasion
	- serpents:
		- added slightly erratic movement to all of them (25% chance)
		- ancient serpents
			- removed the elemental auras
				- they were a bit confusing and too easy to force monsters to take damage
			- now have [6d4] instead of [7d4]
			- do an extra 2d4 breath damage do compensate
	- dragons:
		- can no longer make you forget the map
		- this ability is now unique to Mewlips
	- valar:
		- increased Morgoth's will and perception after you knock his crown off
			- due to him taking you more seriously as a threat
				- and the need to challenge you!
	- stone creatures no longer destroy staircases if they die on top of them
	- Shadows and Hithraukar now pass under closed doors
		- Shadows no longer pass through walls
			- there are now no invisible wall-passing creatures!

- combat
	- you now lose the stealth bonus against an enemy for the second/third attacks 
	  if they are woken up by the first attack
	- entrancement effects can no longer be 'chained'
		- you cannot be entranced while already entranced
		- you cannot be entranced if you haven't had a turn since last entranced
	- fixed a message bug when throwing potions

- stealth
	- monsters can now become less alert if they are out of sight and fail a check to spot you by more than 30
		- they lose a point of alertness for every point more than 30 that they fail by
		- they won't fall asleep though
	- Vanish is now implemented as a +10 bonus to this check

- abilities
	- Vanish: see above
	- you can no longer get an Opportunist attack when knocking a monster back
	- you now stop singing a song if you remove an item which was granting you that ability
	- Charge has been made quite a bit weaker, and also more interesting
		- it was by some distance the most overpowered ability, and should still be good
		- it no longer doubles your weapon dice
		- instead, your attack counts as if you have +3 Dex and +3 Str
			- a bit like an opposite of rapid attack
		- the ideal weapon for charging will thus be heavier than the ideal for normal attacks 
		- also charge no longer works if you are moving slowly (at speed 1)
	- Zone of Control, Opportunist, Flanking, Controlled Retreat
		- no longer work on unwary monsters or monsters during the 'truce'
		- as this was almost always not what the player wanted
	- a few fixes to Exchange Places
		- can no longer be done unless the creature is visible (removes exploits)
		- can no longer be done from within a web/pit
		- now triggers traps if you end up in one
	- Blocking now always works against all ranged attacks (fire breath, arrows, boulders etc)
		- thanks to Angloki for the idea
		- it still requires you to pass to get the bonus against melee attacks
		- it is also now an alternate pre-requisite for controlled retreat
	- fixed some oddities in the build up of the bonus to attack for Concentration
		- i.e. it didn't work for certain free attacks you made in the opponent's turn
		- now it builds the bonus by +1 if you made at least one attack since the start of your last turn
	- Song of Aule now gives a bonus of Song/4 instead of Song/5
		- who says we're just trying to make smithing less good?
	- Crippling Shot now no longer works on critical resistant monsters

- smithing
	- made forges appear a bit more regularly throughout the dungeon
		- this should help a lot in avoiding games with too few forges
	- increased the cost of the 'speed' attribute from 25 to 30 (at Psi's suggestion!)
	- increased the cost of stat points by 20% (the base has moved from 10 to 12)
	- increased the cost of damage sides by 25% (from 12 to 15)
	- increased the cost of brands, slays, sharpness
	- no longer get any benefits for putting penalties on items
		- it seemed cool, but just lead to them being put on Gloves of Smithing an the like
		- the one exception is Danger, which leads to quite a large difficulty reduction (-5)
	- there is now a discount of 20% on the difficulties of robes, crowns, sceptres
		- they now make good artefacts...
	- you can now make all special item types including the bad ones
	- the first forge is now guaranteed to be a normal forge with three charges
		- to avoid the temptation to start-scum
	- you are now asked to confirm spending points of smithing when making a masterpiece

- items
	- fixed a bug where blowing a trumpet of blasting could *heal* you
		- if your protection was higher than the earthquake damage
	- staffs of self-knowledge now show attributes of your off-hand weapon (if any)
	- dropped permanent lights now glow properly (at some point this stopped working)
	- chest contents generation slightly simplified (more chance of jewellery now)
	- removed halberds
		- while undeniably cool, they are more a late medieval swiss weapon
		- there are still glaives (which are mentioned in Tolkien) and Celebrist is now one
		- changed the glaive stats to halfway between the old Glaive and Halberd
	- renamed: 'leather gloves' to 'gloves', 'leather boots' to 'boots', 'steel greaves' to 'greaves'
	- removed rings of attention/wrath
		- enough wrath items already, especially with our other changes
	- removed amulet of danger
		- same reason, and there is a new cursed replacement amulet...
	- removed rings of True Sight
		- there are enough other True Sight types
	- improved Mithril Helms and Mithril Greaves
		- now all mithril items are better in at least one combat attribute
		- not merely weight and ignoring acid

- {special} items
	- adjusted the depths and rarities across the board
	- added several new special item types, including cursed ones
	- made some large changes to the special items types
		- changed the single type slaying items (Orc Slaying etc)
			- most now slay two types of monster and are named for a place
			- Final Rest instead has Free Action on it
			- note that 'of Gondolin' now refers to the orc/troll weapon
				- since the blades from Gondolin in the books glowed when orcs were near
				- the old 'of Gondolin' weapons are no more, though 'of Nargothrond' is similar
		- removed (Avenger)
			- though there is a new artefact shortsword with riposte
		- added a sticky curse to (Vampiric)
		- removed 'of Brilliance'
			- these were introduced before slaying weapons glowed and it is inelegant to have both
		- removed Boots of Slowness
			- just too nasty
		- removed Gloves of Agility
			- special gloves were too similar to rings
		- removed Gloves of Clumsiness
		- changed Gloves of Weakness to Gloves of Treachery
			- now with a nice bonus...
		- changed name of Gloves of Power to Gloves of Strength
		- added Gloves of Swordplay
			- to compete with Gloves of Strength
	- fixed a bug where some special weapons wielded from the floor wouldn't glow properly
	- fixed the auto-identification of lanterns of brightness when refuelling them
	- unified the True Sight types of helms and light sources
		- so identifying one identifies them all
		- this had slipped past me before

- artefacts
	- added 21 new artefacts
	- realised that quite a few of the artefact weapons were just too crazy and toned them back
	- added descriptions for those artefacts which didn't have them
	- set Calris aflame like all good Balrog swords should be, and made other changes to it
		- we think it is really strong now and people are crazy not to be using it more...

- dungeon
	- added some T-intersections in the corridors
	- fixed two bugs in dungeon generation which could lead to doubled and tripled doors
	- no rubble generated before 200 ft anymore

- traps
	- made false floors half as common as other traps
	- webs can no longer be generated in dead ends

- food
	- it is now harder to get gorged (so it can't happen unless already 'full')
	- the gorged effect wears off even faster

- interface
	- added an onscreen main menu with all the interface commands
		- it can be accessed with (m) or (Escape)
			- the latter can be turned off if you find it annoying
		- I intend this to be the main way to access many of these commands
			- and in future versions I will remove direct access to some:
				- e.g. Colours, Macros, Knowledge, Options, ...
				- but not Character Sheet, Save, ...
		- comment on the Angband Forum if you have concerns about this
	- added back in the 'auto_more' option
		- (I still wouldn't want to use it though!)
	- stopped it wasting a turn when you try to pick something up and nothing is present
		- also improved some interface oddities surrounding 'pick things up by default'
	- stopped it wasting a turn when you decide not to make anything at a forge
	- fixed bug with being warned about dropping your shield when you wouldn't have to do so
	- added prompt warning you about being forced to drop your two handed weapon when wielding a shield
	- the object knowledge screen now displays potion/herb/staff etc types that you have seen in previous games
		- this is useful for the process of elimination...
	- fixed some interface bugs for smithing:
		- the name of an artefact is no longer reset when returning to the artefact submenu
		- selecting menu options via their letters now works properly

- display
	- the iron crown no longer shows up multiple times in the knowledge menu
	- fixed some issues relating to Morgoth before and after being uncrowned
	- staffs now display how many times they have been used when unidentified
	- fixed a bug with the combat rolls window
		- it wasn't displaying the old info correctly in many cases
	- creating any object at a forge is now noted in the notes section
		- including the stats and weight
	- slight modification of messages for failing to tunnel
	- fixed a bug where the player would identify their off-hand weapon when their main weapon struck truly

- platform specific
	- linux version
		- X11 now supports solid block walls and highlighted unwary/sleeping creatures
		- X11 now supports the initial menu and more user friendly loading of characters
		- GCU now makes the map quadrant of its virtual terms as large as possible
			- thanks to bron for the patch!
	- mac version
		- can now easily open savefiles generated on other platforms (e.g. competition saves)

- challenge modes
	- all of these were buggy!
		- no artefact mode no longer generates monster-specific artefacts
			- like Spear of Boldog etc
		- straight down mode now works correctly
		- disconnected stairs mode now works correctly

- behind the scenes
	- notes are no longer temporarily stored in 'notes files'
	- this should finally put an end to all the problems with these files!
	- fixed some potential bugs in targetting, dungeon generation, hallucination

- thanks
	- thanks go to many of the denizens of for their suggestions and bug finding
		- this really does help to improve the game!
	- thanks also go to our wonderful beta test team
		- I have no idea how they played so many games so quickly
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