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Human Priest Advice

Running a Human Priest, and was wondering if anyone had any advice, as I don't often play priests, and they generally don't get past 750'... help me, oh great community! ^_^;;
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I don't know why, but Dwarves seem to be more popular priests.
Your first goal is Portal, your second one is Orb of Draining.
Higher starting STR makes the beginning easier, high WIS allows you to use OoD more often, a huge advantage. OoD is your main firepower for a long time, and extremely useful to exterminate groups of orcs or lesser hounds (light, dark, cold, if you have rPoison - air) for quick XP.
Except that, the usual: longbow (+9, +9), _Teleport, a dozen !CCW and stuff. Also, I tend to bring every !Enlightenment I can get, it makes searching for your dungeon spellbooks easier. And I get 10-20 ?ID's as soon as I can.
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Daniel Fishman
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Originally Posted by Narvius View Post
I don't know why, but Dwarves seem to be more popular priests.
The +2 WIS is probably the main reason. The +2 CON and STR and ResBlind are all pretty useful to a Priest too.
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If you don't play priests, you might try playing a Paladin first; I find them a bit easier, especially at the lower levels. That said, the main advantage a priest has is that Orb Of Draining is very cheap to cast for the amount of damage it does, and so can be used a lot (carry a lot of Phase Door scrolls). Later on, the same can be said for the Heal prayer - very cheap considering its usefulness.

Protection From Evil is also very powerful up through about level 30. Try casting it on yourself 100 times (or more) in the town before descending so that it will be in effect for the whole trip; ditto with Bless (macros make this easy). It is also very useful that the +Wis item is an amulet (rather than a ring).

The main drawback of a priest is that you have a hard time finding a good weapon that you can wield without penalty, and you only get 1 blow per round at the start. So getting a character started can be hard. Although not as bad as a Mage, for example,
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