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Svladd Cjelik
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[Z]Angband! I have finally found an active community!

Hey all!

I have been playing ZAngband for years and have never found an active forum community. (How I missed this one all this time is somewhat beyond me).

Well, I am currantly playing 2.6.2 with a Human Mage (Death/Trump). Going well, level 19 at about 1200' but don't want to dive anymore with out see invisible.

It's funny, I can never get any of my friends into ZAngband so I never have anyone to help me/bounce ideas off. I always play Human for the XP bonus, cos I find you pick up the racials with items anyways. (I used to play Nibelung Death Paladins).

I have never killed the final boss, but perhaps this time?

Anywho, I will continue to peruse the forums for ideas and hope to become more active here in the near future.

Cheers : )
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Welcome, Svladd. I played Zangband for a little while but gave it up for Unangband, which I'm heavily obsessed with at the moment. I have to admit that although I generally don't like to play a stair scumming game, I compromised that for Zang. I just detested those huge open levels of all lava or water! Anyway, nice to meet you, and I'll look forward to seeing your posts.
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Pete Mack
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Welcome, Svladd!

I don't know about Z, but in other variants, the XP bonus for humans is more than offset by racial benefits in other respects. (Things like good stats and good starting skills. The initial resistances aren't nearly as important.) Human is usually considered one of the tougher races, along with Elf, Half-Elf and Hobbit.

There is also an active community on, but most of the players there play other variants than Z.
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The Sparrow
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Svladd sorry to temporarily hijack this post, but that name makes me want an Adams based variant
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Svladd Cjelik
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Can *Band be solved holistically?
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Originally Posted by Svladd Cjelik View Post
Can *Band be solved holistically?
This is a very open ended question, and it really depends on the
skill of the player.
IŽd say, yeah. But this doesnŽt happens because we all as
humans make mistakes. One wrong turn in some situation
can mean death. Late night playing, lack of detection... etc etc
But for someone who always take the best action in every
turn and knew what to do and where to be, yes.
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