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Use after free when removing curses

remove_object_curse() (effect.c:759) frees the curse and sends a message about it:
static void remove_object_curse(struct object *obj, char *name, bool message)
    struct curse *c = obj->curses;
    if (streq(c->name, name)) {
        obj->curses = c->next;
        c->next = NULL;
        free_curse(c, true);
        if (message) {
            msg("The %s curse is removed!", name);
But the argument "name" comes from this curse (effect.c:800)
        remove_object_curse(obj, curse->name, true);
And gets freed with the rest of the curse (obj-curse.c:127).
The curse ultimately comes from the curse menu in ui-curse.c
    for (curse = obj->curses; curse; curse = curse->next) {
        available[count++] = curse;

    menu_setpriv(m, count, available);
I propose to free the curse after the message is sent, and perhaps remove the argument "name" to remove_object_curse().
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