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Red Sky Grishka
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PosChengBand - Nature Magic

Hi! I've read that to have the lowest fail rates for nature magic, i need to keep my alignment 'neutral'. Is there any tips to do that or do i just have to be super virtuous in the virtue of 'Nature'?
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Virtues are a joke but the developer loves them
There is all sorts of weird stuff with virtues, such as if your character becomes hungry then he becomes more good, and if he becomes gorged then he becomes more evil
It is unintuitive and makes no sense, and the only way to get on top off it (unless you turn it off at character creation, an option which will seemingly be removed soon) is to read the code
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I never worked out how to do this in a way that wasn't gamey. The simplest method is:

To be come more good - wait till you are weak with hunger then quaff potions of water till hungry, wait till weak, quaff water etc.
To be come more evil - eat till gorged, wait till full, quaff water till gorged etc.

This is why it's easier to turn virtues off for nature mages. Unless you are also a summoner in which case you need to be able to alter your virtues to be able to summon evil.
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