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[Poschengband] Tileset recommendations?

Sorry if this is addressed somewhere obvious, but I couldn't find it:

Are there any graphical tilesets that are fully compatible with PCB?
Adam Bolt's tiles kinda work, but there are a lot of unsupported monsters that result in black / empty tiles, which in turn result in unexpected deaths.

So, any suggestions / links / information on how to get existing tilesets working with PCB would be much appreciated.
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No. There are no tilesets for Poschengband and every attempt I've seen at making them has fallen off the horse after realizing the scope of the beast they were tackling.
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OK, well thanks for the info anyway. At least it saves me more fruitless looking.

I got used to ASCII long ago with ADoM, guess I can do it again.
Or, maybe mess with the Bolt tiles so that unrecognised stuff becomes a big red angry face instead of a blank square. Uglier but fewer sudden deaths.
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I play with "Old Tiles" (mostly because I played with them ... for like half my life). They don't show blanks for missing monsters, just the letter.
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