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Angry what the *** is deleting my folders !!

Nice, i hope you can give me some advice on what the hell is happening. Maybe someone else also is experiencing the same problem.

Let me say that it's obvious that this is something that's wrong with my system.

Every few days or so (but sometimes even just half an hour later) my "icons" folder disappears from my Angband folder.

I downloaded 4.2.1 just yesterday (to try the paladin; Nick .. did you really add a passwall, life-draining, invisible mob that's native to DL22??? why?) and played for an hour or so, i go to load the game today and BAM! "Angband cannot find your Icons folder".
Today it went one step further and it could not find the Scores folder either - both were gone.

Now, this is not an actual problem, because i just copy-paste the icon folder from the .zip into the game folder, and problem solved.
But it keep happening. Sometimes right away, sometimes after weeks. To 4.2.1, to 4.2, to 4.1.3 so it's not specific to any one build.

What is it? Is my antivirus deleting is as a false positive? (Windows Defender) I don't get any "threat found" notifications.

Running W10 LTSC x64.
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