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The things I've found that I've left behind

Or at least the things my poor hobbit nec at 2200 who still hasn't found a potion of augmentation, strength or even brawn yet. (although the potion of contemplation did drop a strength point, so that's something)

Chaos Dragon Scale mail
Law Dragon Scale mail

the Heavy Crossbow of Estollin (x5) (+xx, +15) <+5, +1>
+5 shooting speed
+1 shooting power
rLightning, rFire, rChaos, rDark
protection from fear, sustain strength, feather fall, regen, FA

a heavy artifact Lance slay a lot - but not that great tbh

a pair of gloves of thievery (+7,+2) +4 to Dex! (FA)

Give me strength!!!
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