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Make sure you drop all of the wands first. - otherwise autopickup will pick them up and amalgamate them.

It's drop them one of a time on different spaces ofthe floor (piles of one wand). Read Recharge on them while they're still on the ground. Pick them all up.

I tend to buy recharge scrolls and restore live level at the stores and store them in my house whenever I can afford them because they're not always there.

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Which brings up a related question:

If you have a stack of wands with num_charges < num_items, is there a way to predict (or control) which ones you drop first? The ones with, or without, a charge?

I seldom play around with stacks of rechargables like that, but do recall being confused the last time I did... months ago.
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You drop always the empty ones, or in general you drop them with floor(num_charges / num_wands) charges.
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