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Ingwe Ingweron
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Tweaking Character Creation Process

Mostly these thoughts about tweaks in the character generation process are for Nick to consider, as they don't involve game play changes, but would require some coding tweaks.

1. Location of Point-Based Stats: The starting stats for "point-based" character generation could (should?) be moved into the race and class files. This would allow for them to be modified by users creating new races and classes.

2. Order of Operations: The "standard roller" method could be made more relevant and provide another source of variety if the order of character creation were changed. My thinking is that: Race should be chosen first (@ is born); standard-rolling of stats occurs (@ is born with or develops natural talents); class is chosen (@ considers their genetic gifts and natural talents to select a career). I guess, if the point-based method were chosen, one could provide for the stat plus/minus at the end.

3. Location of User Interface Options: Much like keymaps, autoinscriptions, and subwindow setups, the user interface options could (should?) be recorded in the @ pref file (I would also add the base-delay factor, hitpoint warning, and movement delay to that, as well). This would allow one to simply load their standard pref-file to set the interface options rather than having to reset the interface options every time they create a new character.

Nick, or anyone else for that matter, what do you think?
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