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Adventures of Ethyliel, the Sorceress

Ethyliel II is a dunadan mage currently exploring the deepest levels of Angband. During the last trips to the dungeon she encountered a number of powerful summoners, and none of these fights ended well...

First one was with the Witch-King. He was in the vault with Feagwath and Ungoliant, but Ethyliel managed to lure him out. Almost immediately he summoned greater demons including Pazuzu. She banished and tried to separate two uniques, but a few turns later Pazuzu summoned greater demons once more. Searing flash shatters the rock of the dungeon. The sorceress decided not to take the risk.
Then she met Uriel. "It can't be too hard with fire immunity. Netherbolt him to death!" He answers with mana bolt and summons a bunch of angels including Gabriel. "Hm, that's not good, but look at this nice line of angels. Rift!" Voices of pain filled the dungeon and lesser angels were scattered around, but two uniques stood their ground. And one of them summons Azriel. Ouch. All three unique angels in front of her, and she lacks rNether. "Sorry, guys, see you next time!" Destruct.
The third fight was with the Great Wyrm of Chaos. Ethyliel needed ~10k exp points to reach lvl 42, and all she saw with her greedy eyes was a big, sweet bag of experience. She decided to kill the dragon with crossbow. "Seeker bolts of venom, 700 damage/hit, it will die fast." She rearranged some jewelry to get chaos resistance, casted haste spell, quaffed !Heroism and charged. The problem became evident when the dragon was hit only by fourth or fifth bolt. Her shooting skill wasn't nearly as good as required to hit such a heavily armored beast. Ethyliel fired a few more bolts in hope for series of consecutive hits, but RNG was clearly on the dragon's side. Huge angry dragon was only slightly wounded and approached quickly with unfriendly purpose. "I still have some magic for you. Rift!" But the dragon apparently had some elemental power for her too: chaos breath hits hard despite resistance. Use _Healing, rift again. Great wyrm disappears, but returns soon. It walks around the corner and immediately summons ancient dragons... including Glaurung and Ancalagon. Exponential summoning, huh? That's interesting, but the pits of Angband are not the best way to stumble upon mathematical concepts. She teleported away the great wyrm and uniques. One big 'D' remains round the corner. Who's that? Great Wyrm of Perplexity? Oh, come here. Poor dragon put up a good fight, but he was no match against the sorceress. Finally she reached much wanted lvl 42 and immediately tried out mana storm on sleeping killer beetle nearby. And who wonders why angels and Huan seek to destroy @? Our heroine retains the spirit of proudest kings of Númenor (this didn't help Ar-Pharazôn to avoid death from her hands, though), and seeks nothing but the establishment of the new world order. She also wants to avenge the death of Methyliel, another sorcerer from The Fellowship of Benzene Ring who rose against the world, but was slain by the mindless beast.
So Ethyliel went further just to find a crowd of roaring big cats. Gravity beams ripped them apart making wide corridor to the strange creature in the center. Smiling tenderly, Ethyliel literally withdrew the soul of the Cat Lord casting nether bolts with menacing frequency. (Actually, she likes cats and suffers from the need to exterminate them. Can we have a command to stroke little 'f's in town? And give them PURR attack, please!)

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