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Originally Posted by grumbleguts View Post
I'm not sold on the whole randart thing. Rand object yes. But an artifact has a name, it is unique throughout the game's universe. Its properties should (in my opinion) be known ahead of time. You have heard of this sword Pimplepopper, wielded by the great Verifah Kenfahni on his quest to hide from the battle of Munkeezunkle.

You have heard of this sword, or you wouldn't know its name, and presumably you already knew its properties.

Not saying it isn't an interesting addition to game play, just wondering how much sense it makes.
I suppose it really depends upon the narrative you create for your character. If you are playing as a Gandalf or Aragorn type, then yes, I suppose you know all about Pimplepopper and can recite long passages from the Lay of Verfah Kenfahni, who wandered among the trees of Munkeezunkle. You probably know the prophecies associated with this (+10, +3) slay-orc sword with feather falling and rLite that activates for Frost Bolt.

But if you are playing a Bilbo type, then all you might know is, "Look! It's a sword that glows blue when orcs are around, and wow! does it slice well."

And maybe if you are a half-troll, you just think, "Sword. Stab. Kill. Blood."

[And I am sure there are other types of character ... for example, the Boromirs who know all about items from Gondor and Westernesse but are clueless about Elven and Dwarven items].
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