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Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
I think there's a difference between stuff on the ground and stuff in your pack. Presumably @ has intelligently ordered his pack so he knows where everything is without having to fumble around. Even if @ has int 3, chances are she's smart enough to put the !CCW in an easily accessible place.

That's different with stuff that you find on the floor. That stuff shouldn't be known, and should be just 'a ring', 'a potion' etc.

HOWEVER, this seems like a lot of work for a very minor point that doesn't seem to affect gameplay all that much.
Exactly, and what would happen if you pick them up? Then they'd be in your inventory, but should they still be just "a ring" or "a potion"? And what if you pick up two scrolls of the same kind, would they stack before or after you regain your sight?

Besides, it's not like you could take much advantage from being able to recognize items on the floor while blind, if you get blinded in a bad situation you'll have other things to worry about than loot on the floor, and if you get blinded in a safe situation, you won't suffer much from not being able to recognize what's on the ground until you can see again.
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