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mushroom patch
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licensing status of mangband, pwmangband

I am curious about the licensing situation with mangband and pwmangband. The most recent version of the mangband source I can locate gives a complicated, contradictory account in which various parts of the code are available under different conflicting licenses -- e.g. parts originally from XPilot are under the GPL (though they claim this code is now gone), most of the netcode seems to be from an ancient library by "the TRACE project" with a non-free license incompatible with the GPL, some portions by angband contributors from the 90s are GPL'd, others maybe not, including portions by the moria authors (which they say may at some future time, they say, be GPL'd -- in fact, those contributions are now under the GPL in vanilla), etc. It is unclear under what terms the mangband developers offer their own original contributions, although the non-free angband license would be the obvious guess.

On the other hand, the PWMangband source seems to claim everything is available under the GPL, even though it also contains code from the TRACE project library. Have the authors of PWMangband obtained some special dispensation from the authors of this library? Has it been released under the GPL by its author? Has the mangband dev team licensed their work to the PWMangband authors under the GPL?
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