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Feature suggestion 'l'ook for inventory/equipment

At present you can only 'l'ook at items in shops / your home. I suggest that when the inventory or equipment list is showing (e.g. 'i' or 'e' has been pressed) that 'l'ook could work like it does at home.

[EDIT]Never mind. I suppose 'I' is the equivalent for that.


The following is (I think) "Everything that can be done with an item in your equipment or inventory". I would suggest that it (or something like it)
could be made the context sensitive help for when your inventory or
equipment is showing (e.g. pressed 'i' or 'e').

=== Inventory/Equipment help ===
i  Show inventory list                 q  Quaff a potion from inventory/ground
e  Show equipment list                 r  Read a scroll from inventory/ground
d  Drop an item from inv/equip         {  Inscribe object (inv/equip/ground)
k  Destroy item from inv/equip/ground  }  Uninscribe object (inv/equip/ground)
w  Wear/wield item from inv/ground     A  Activate an artifcat (inv/equip/gr)
t  Take off an item from equipment     a  Aim a wand from inventory/ground
b  Browse a book from inventory        u  Use a staff from inventory/ground
G  Gain new spells/prayers from a book z  Zap a rod from inventory/ground
m  Cast a spell from a book (inv)      f  Fire an item from inventory/ground
p  Pray a prayer from a book (inv)     v  Throw an item from inventory/ground
E  Eat some food from inventory/ground I  Observe an item (inv/equip/ground)
F  Fuel your lantern from inv/ground
The following example (for 'k' - destroy item) shows some common features.
(Inven: a-c, / for Equip, - for floor, ! for squelched, ESC) Destroy which item?
                                a) 3 Rations of food
                                b) a Grey Potion of Slime Mold Juice
                                c) 3 Wooden Torches (5000 turns)
'a-c' is the range of inventory items, '/' switches to the equipment list,
- shows items on the floor, ! shows squelched items, ESC to cancel.

Last edited by PaulBlay; February 20, 2009 at 15:48. Reason: Command already existed (sort of)
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