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Well, after gettimg cocky and getting killed by Sauron with a really well equipped rogue with a ridiculous amount of consumables for end game. i went back and returned the favour. Found the rogue to be the most gear dependant class ive played so far in ironman. So i started by buying 12 scrolls satisfy hunger, 15 torches,all the flasks of oil, 99 arrows, the rest of my cash on phase door, then taking stairs down as soon as i found them, till i found a decent level/item. Had a lot of fun playing this way. Every game played a lot differently depending on what i found first. one game i found a rod of acid balls, and played like a sniper with a rocket launcher, hit them hard than run away till recharge. Another time i found a Long bow of extra shots, phase shoot repeat. Found a potion of Augmentation on level 7 last game, and two early potions of strength this time level 6 and 8. Really helped early game. Had a really big problem with time hounds this game, they showed up in large packs about every 2 or 3 levels after level 50, rogues arent really equipped to deal with these guys, so had to abandon the level quite a few times. Most notable finds were Feanor on level 71 and the best non artifact weapon ive ever found, a Mace of Disruption of Gondolin (5d8) (+18,+18) was hitting undead, demons,orcs, trolls, and dragons for 780 and the rest for 490. Dropped by Haun on level 96. Sauron was pretty annoying hit hard then teleported away a lot but pretty uneventfull. I took 4 swings at The Tarrasque and didnt dent him so i left him alone. A lot of the big uniques are still alive, due to my limited healing supplies. Went into the last fight with 4 scrolls of destruction, 3 banish, 60 ccw, 10 healing, 8 !healing and 8 life. think i only found 4 mass banish all game. found a small vault in the northwest corner destructed it then lured Morgoth over there. He summoned every unique left, except the big Q, spent half of the fight teleprting others away. When i finally got him to 4 stars things were looking great, he mana stormed i drank a !healing!, then i saw the dreaded "Gorged" sign come up. Was at 14 speed all of the sudden. Luckily he just summoned some dragons, then i spent some time resting and teleporting him away till i wasnt so full. Rest of the fight went smoothly and im happy to say hes no longer among the living well gonna try a palidin next i think, cheers
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