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Therem Harth
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Madam Spikes, Petty-Dwarf skeleton polearm master (T2)

Nether breath from a greater demon, full HP to dead in one move. Ouch. Worse, the demon was showing on screen because I had ESP for evil, I just lost track of it - and I had a crown with RNether in my inventory. Whoops.

Really fun game though, the best character I've ever played so far. Petty-Dwarves are awesome.


- The x8 crossbow was game changing, it allowed Madam to punch far above her weight (thus my overconfidence with the Nycadaemon). I was able to one-shot all kinds of breathers/casters, clear mobs very fast, etc.

- For dealing with traps I mostly used Disarming skill combined with tactics macros. Once nearby monsters were disposed of, I'd dial back to coward/sluglike to disarm traps that blocked my progress, then back to normal or berserker/running. Not 100% safe, but it didn't set any traps off, and was a lot more reliable than staves. (And I was banking on eventually having a rod of disarming anyway.)

- Bali Stonehand had the best damage I'd found at time of death, but I wound up mostly using the randart lance because of its vampirism.

- Overall, this felt like a very underrated character build. Would definitely go with a different god next time though.
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