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void do_cmd_run(struct command *cmd)
	struct loc grid;
	int dir;

	/* Get arguments */
	if (cmd_get_direction(cmd, "direction", &dir, false) != CMD_OK)

	if (player_confuse_dir(player, &dir, true))
bool player_confuse_dir(struct player *p, int *dp, bool too)
	int dir = *dp;

	if (p->timed[TMD_CONFUSED])
		if ((dir == 5) || (randint0(100) < 75))
			/* Random direction */
			dir = ddd[randint0(8)];

	/* Running attempts always fail */
	if (too) {
		msg("You are too confused.");
		return true;
pretty sure if player_confuse_dir will always return true if you tell it "too"

Edit:Yeah working in mine now. Will open a pull request

Edit2: I guess the "running attempts always fail" bit was literally true

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