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Killed Ar-Pharazon, was cleaning up his summons and curious what excellent treasures he dropped me when suddenly something commands me to go far away and I'm on the next level. Grrrr... I didn't even walk over what he dropped. If there was a good artifact, will it show up later since I didn't walk over it?

Anyway, I'm liking the latest changes to Angband since I last played it over a year ago. Seems starting stats affect max stats, unlike before, which is cool. Still playing as a HT Warrior. A ring of DEX <+6> and other DEX boosts and still I'm only at DEX! 170.

EDIT: Thought I had been sent through the floor or something, but apparenlty I'ms till on the same level! Yay.
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As long as you don't learn the name on an artifact, it can be generated again (assuming you're playing with preserve on).

It used to be, back in the old days, that everyone had an internal stat max of 18/100 for every stat. Any race/class modifiers just changed how many potions it took to get to the cap. Then at some point the "maximize the effects of race/class" option was added, which meant that e.g. if your character had an innate +2 to STR and -3 to INT, then your maxes were 18/120 and 18/70 for those stats, respectively. That option's been the default for a long time now. In fact, it may have gotten removed from the options list and effectively forced on for all players; I haven't looked at the options page very closely in a long time.
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