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You teleport away from danger into new danger

You teleport back to original danger.
You teleport back to "new" danger.
You teleport back to original danger.
You teleport back to "new" danger.
You teleport back to original danger.
You failed to concentrate hard enough. You die.

Ummm... seems like it might be more fun if I teleport to a new location each time? Just a thought.... It seems really dumb that self teleport only takes you between two locations in the whole map. I don't understand what's going on here. Is it intentionally programmed to behave like this, or does it do this because maps are small and it tries to send you somewhere far away? Even when I interchanged between staff teleport and book Portal, I was still bouncing back between the same two spots; didn't matter which method of self teleport I used.

Terrible luck second half of the dive. Started out promising, got some good armors and a powerful +17 light xbow early as well as an early esp weapon swap, pBlind and rod of detection from store, but there's only so much I can bop around a level away from almost everything since level after level after level gives me no items but tons of monsters I can't deal with and that won't leave me alone once I reached DL40. Grrrr. No new weapons, no FrAct off ring, no TO. 63 damage a round doesn't really work at DL49. Not a single stat potion the entire DL40s! Except one stat swap which is native to like DL28.

I dunno if I want to try another no artifact, though I feel like I could have had just as lousy luck with artifacts on. The real problem was the lack of *any* good items throughout the DL40s (except 4 healing potions), but tons of troublesome monsters like death quasits and unique wringwraiths that wouldn't leave me alone.

And if that's not bad enough, teleport keeps sending me back and forth between the same two dangerous locations until I die. Seems to me the game would be more fun if teleport was a method of getting away from danger and exploring a level quickly at the risk of being one shotted. But back and forth ad nauseum is really annoying.
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