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Neoband monster tweaks

Just floating some ideas and such...

Hounds, vortexes, elementals: I want to get rid of vortexes and elementals. Hounds I want to consolidate into a smaller number of less generic (and more hazardous) varieties. e.g. Storm Hounds might breath cold, sound, and electricity. Hound packs should be smaller. I'm also thinking hounds should drop something useful... Not sure what, though.

Greater undead: I feel like the player should be motivated to take these on. They should drop fantastic treasure. Barrow blades anyone? But it should (still) be dangerous to take more than a few at once.

Balrogs: these need to be more dangerous. I'm think I'll swap fire and darkness for plasma and nether. The unique ones should probably throw around mana bolts.

Dragons: maybe consolidate some of the varieties, instead of having neat elemental divisions. No more multi-hued/chromatic dragons. Probably no baby dragons. Definitely no Chaos/Balance/etc. dragons. I might import some dragon-worms from ToME 2, and mention them as the larval stage... Anyway, look forward to things like Brimstone Drakes and Wasteland Dragons.

Other: it would be interesting to add some of the player classes as monsters. Elf assassins? Gnome pyromancers? Aquilan shieldmaidens? Squads of angry Hobbit sappers?
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