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Originally Posted by Estie View Post
Thats a first age problem.
Actually speed tends to be a bit harder to get in FA.

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Pete Mack
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On the other hand, sometimes it is almost impossible to avoid ridiculously high speed. I currently have Cubragol, Ringil, and a RoSpeed(+16) equipped for speed 39 (with Boots of Thror equipped for CON/STR to round it out.)

When I get home, I will probably trade the RoSpeed for a second Damage ring. But in the mean time, it's like having zero-fail for rods of Teleport other with a warrior. Nothing ever gets the jump on me.

Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
I think +30 un-hasted is worthwhile if you can get it. It's not worth sacrificing something important for but if you're lucky enough to find feanor's boots or you are wearing Cubragol with 2 rings of power etc. etc. you tend to get it without sacrificing anything. +30 has that nice "I'm still at +30 the round my speed potion suddenly ends" thing going on.
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After a break of a couple of weeks, I picked this character back up last night -- and died this afternoon when Glaurung summoned a bunch of serious backup and I got nailed by multiple massive breath weapons because I didn't TP out instantly.

It was a stupid death, but I learned a LOT from this character. I feel like I've leveled up. I'm more confident of my ability to get to the same power level again! Thanks again for all your advice. I just downloaded the latest build and I'm ready to try again!
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Pete Mack
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Bummer. Death by boredom is a real problem for characters this strong. The temptation is to kill uniques other than the bosses. But there are only a few for which it actually is wise (although the number goes up with more immunities.)
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