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[Poschangband] Spider Warlock

I made a Dark Elf Spider Warlock. When I've encountered cave spiders I could move past them without angering them. Then I died from White Worm Mass poison.

Then I made another Dark Elf Spider Warlock and I came across some more Cave spiders and when I tried to move past them I angered them and my affinity with Spiders was reduced.

Is there a way to safely move past a sleeping spider as a spider Warlock in this case without upsetting them?


*I just noticed I misspelled Poschengband.

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Red Sky Grishka
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I think the first time you were lucky not to anger them, i dont thing being a spider warlock has an influence. Hugo would probably inform you better than me though
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The chance of your affinity monster being friendly is random. I think it goes up with level. You didn't lose affinity, that message is just telling you that you do less damage against spiders.
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