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The "excellent" and "splendid" pseudos are functionally useless now. What I've taken to doing with my characters is inspecting each item from the ground. If it doesn't have any useful recognizable properties, nor any unrecognized properties, it just gets squelched.
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Noticed that a 'Blackrock Heavy Crossbow of Power (x4) (+22, +42)' that I sold to the weapon store was being sold back for a fairly large 337988 gold. The only properties are of Power (x2), of Slaying (x2), Blackrock, and Journeyman's. Does this seem a little skewed somewhere, either in damage or item cost? I have a save (with enough gold to buy it back if need be) if anyone wants to take a look.
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Given that that weapon does a minimum of 172 damage per shot, and easily does over 300 (light slay and a bit of damage from the bolt), no, I wouldn't say that's excessively overpriced. It's a hugely powerful crossbow.
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