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Red Sky Grishka
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PosChengBand - Hex

Hi! I find the hex magic really cool, but do you guys know a way to get past the early game with it? thanks!
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Originally Posted by Red Sky Grishka View Post
Hi! I find the hex magic really cool, but do you guys know a way to get past the early game with it? thanks!
In the VERY early game, since you have no attack spells at level 1, I like to buy a sling so I can do some damage without relying entirely on the limited charges in the wand of magic missile.

Once you're level 5 you get stinking mist which is amazingly good at this point (unfortunately it's your best/only good spell for a long time). It damages everything in line of sight equally, so it works best against large packs of enemies.
Because of this I find it more effective to run around the surface looking for large packs of orcs or ps in the open plains instead of just dungeon diving. You can level extremely quickly and get lots of loot by poisoning these huge packs of orcs. Make sure to buy a healthy supply of ?teleport and !cure medium/critical in town, so you can escape from wilderness encounters you can't handle. I've had a lot of success running around in the dirt plains near the Glass Castle, but sometimes packs of nasty hounds appear which you'll want to teleport away from.
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