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Yes, if you check out this forum you will see quite a lot of new activity around the development.

At the moment because of the spam problem we are still experiencing you may be unable to register for an account, but there is a fix being put in place for that problem so you should be able to register soon...
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Yeah, I checked quite a while back and there didn't seem to be much news on the website. But development has apparently been picked up again, so I'll be watching this one closely.
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Originally Posted by pndrev View Post
ToME is one the variants I haven't played so far... Is it still actively being developed - the 3.0 version I mean?
ToME is a great game. I think that it is the best roguelike that I have ever played. 2.3.5 (or 2.3.4) is ready to go. There are also a number of good variant modules- I think that the best is Theme.

3.0 is being developed, but it has been bogged down for a long time. There is a movement started to get it back on track. Take a look over at the tome forums.
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