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Therem Harth
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After some thought I've decided on a different method of trap detection.

I've added a new ability, "Sense danger", which you can add for 8 skill points with Sneakiness@10. This ability just lets you detect normal, non-invisible monsters at first; but with Sneakiness@20 it will let you listen for invisible monsters as well, and @30 will (finally) add trap detection. Monsters detected by the ability will only remain visible for one turn.

(To make Sneakiness more useful I've also made it add to stealth, though not as much as the Stealth skill.)

As this ability is weakly magical, it won't work with antimagic shells or fields; it also will fail if a character is confused, afraid, or (duh) hallucinating.
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Old September 19, 2010, 04:23   #32
Therem Harth
Join Date: Jan 2008
Posts: 926
Therem Harth is on a distinguished road
Well that works spectacularly badly, actually. Those skill points would be better spent on Antimagic.


Back to the drawing board.

(If things appear to be going really slow, BTW, it's because I'm at college and most of my time is absorbed by classes and class work. Right now everything with TFork is really quite up in the air.)
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