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Crash Problem

Hi there

i guess this post doesn't really belong here, but it doesn't seem to belong anywhere else either so i simply chose one of the many wrong places... if it does belong to one place, feel free to move it...

i just started playng zangband tk 240r5 a week ago and i have a problem:

from time to time zangband tk simply crashes, i get the error message "zangband tk encountered a problem and needs to close"...

when it first happened i realized that after loading the last savegame of my current character again, the game consistently crashed again as soon as i attacked any creature. i then realized that it only happened with certain tilesets (gervais 32x32 mostly) and only when i started the game with angband.exe (which lets me choose between different the versions 292r2 and 240r5). as soon as i switched the tileset to another one and back again, and then started the game with runzang.bat (which directly starts the last choice version+character) everything was fine. but finally today i started a new character, played for ~4-5 hours (without saving unfortunately) and now suddenly it crashed (btw, again when i was attacking a monster).

does anyone know how to resolve this problem? i'm starting to get slightly annoyed with it and it rapidly decreases my motivation to start a new game...

would be great if anyone could help me out here! thanks!!!
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