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T.o.M.E. maintainer
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T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta12 unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta12 !

Release highlights:

* New game UI: faster, easier, neater
* New item types: belts, gloves, cloaks, diggers, wands
* New talent tree: Bloodthirst
* Display speed improvements
* Much balancing and fixes

Expanded changelist:

* Fixed the graphical bug that made textures go white when
resizing/changing game mode (maybe)
* Right click popup will not allow talents to be used on the world
* Static map generator will not clone terrain that does not
requests cloning
* DebugConsole does not ruin the game mouse handling
* New vaults
* Many typos fixed thanks to greycat
* The cloak from the path of the deads now works for the
alchemist’s golem too
* Mouse events now receive a last parameter called “event” which
can be either “button” or “motion”
* WARNING: You must update your Game:setupMouse() method to provide
this new event, see the example module
* New quest to build a portal back to Middle-earth, look around in
the Gates of Morning
* Added gloves/gauntlets and egos relating to them
* Added cloaks along with their egos
* Added belts and related egos
* Added diggers and related egos!
* Added new world artifacts
* Fix Track info
* Added amulets of teleportation
* Easymode lifes are now garnted at levels 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 14,
18, 24, 30, 40 instead of every five levels
* Due to popular demand, the player stats are back on the left side
* Fix the Paths of the Deads distribution of NPCs
* Activated fullscreen framebuffer
* Low HP will now colorize the corners of the screen in red (only
for comptuers supporting FBO)
* Picking up items will not make weird movements in the list
* Wild Gift Meditation can only be used with no monsters in sight,
to prevent mistakes
* Store and equipment listing can not bleed over vertically
* Added tooltips to the character screen
* Use item dialog is now large enough for the text
* Ice Wall/Stone Wall now work even after loadign a savefile
* Added tooltips to all character sheet info and to the left side
* Added Mouse:delegate() method to allow delegation of mouse events
to sub handlers
* Weapons in the second weapon set are now shown
* Added Pyromancer and Cryomancer achievements, for doing much
damage with fire or cold. They will unlock the Pyromancer and
Cryomancer classes instead of the books in the Prides.
* Achievements are sorted by name
* Dunadan are the first subrace of humans in the list, to orient
newbies to it
* Added LuaExpat XML parsing library
* Drakes can now only summon a lesser version of themselves and
hatchlinsg comes in summoned packs of 3 not 9
* Tooltip for out of sight objects
* Added precise race descriptions (including stat bonuses, …)
* Added the Bloodthirst talent tree for Berserkers
* When using the Unstoppable talent the screen will turn red
* Invisibility got a fullscreen graphical effect
* Stealth got a fullscreen graphical effect
* Resizing the game window is now persistent
* Confusion got a fullscreen graphical effect
* Changed experience penalities of dwarves, elves and hobbits
* Imbue will not override stats, it will increase them
* Pits should not generate “monsters in walls”
* Unided items can not stack
* Pressing ? will bring up the game menu
* Notify the user when switching hotkey pages
* Talents levelup screen shows +/- in front of talent categories
* Particles can now return one more parameter to tell the engine to
never stop emitting them, even when they are all dead
* Escort quest will not reward Water Jet anymore
* Added ego boots
* Removed charged egos
* Fixed stat increasing gems
* Added Tutorial mode
* Multiple fixes to the Cursed class
* Talent descriptions will now display the damage done after the
percentile damage bonuses
* Summoned creatures inherit the caster’s increased percentile
damage (I.E. +X% fire damage, …)
* Garbage collection will continue while saving (this should stop
memory problems on some computers)
* Classes descriptions now have stat bonuses
* Improved ego chances on items in vaults
* Warcries can not be used when silenced
* Added wands. Yes they are costly and rare, this is wanted
* Using Refit Golem while mounted on the golem will not create a
duplicate golem
* ZoneickEntity will check for <= instead of just < to avoid a
rare case
* Pressing ‘j’ will now bring up the quest log (in addition to the
old crtl+q)
* Started creating better UI base classes, all in engine.ui.* They
should be easier to use, saner, faster and look better
* Quantity dialog supports up & down keys to increase/decrease
* Converted most dialogs in the game to the new UI. Controls should
be easier, faster and expanded (i.e: lists now support page
up/page down naturally, …)
* Added tiles for Wights
* Added tiles for skeletons and ghosts
* Fixed slow motion
* Fix Map:getObjectTotal
* Fixed the High Peak so that High Sun Paladin Aeryn do come if she
needs to
* Targeting will scroll the map when it goes to the edges
* Inventory & Character Sheet are available from the game menu
* Added some more lore about the sunwall that randomly drops in the
Far East
* Added a Phoenix random boss
* Added random birth option
* Added Game:replaceDialog(src, dest) to replace a dialog with an
other without changing ordering
* NPCs splitting on damage: each copy will take half the damage of
the blow. If half damage is sufficient to kill it the clone will
still pop but with just 1 HP
* Fixed: ensured connectivity of the path of the dead
* Quickbirth now will recreate the same identical character, that
is with all birth stats & talent assignements
* Added a delete savefile button

Have fun!
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Therem Harth
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It looks very interesting... However, I think it suffers from a big problem: it is still SLOW, at least on Intel hardware. The Skills screen in particular causes the hard drive to grind continuously and the cursor to lag.

(Using an Eee 1005HAB netbook FWIW.)

I'm not entirely sure, but based on past experience I think the problem may be antialiasing. It looks to me like the game is smoothing fonts and corners and whatnot, and Intel chipsets tend to handle AA in OpenGL VERY badly. So I would say maybe disable AA by default, and have an option to turn it on; or perhaps a way of using bitmap fonts...
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T.o.M.E. maintainer
Join Date: Apr 2007
Posts: 130
DarkGod is on a distinguished road
I will release beta12b in a few minutes with an AA option
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