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Beta 12 is out!

Grab it from GitHub or ModDB, as usual.

(If running standalone, you might have to tick 'show incompatible' box. I do not know why it's so)


* bug fix - potions/wands/scrolls without effects now never happen
* bug fix - add dummy entry to lower odds of mwk+ items
* bug fix - fix an engine bug preventing force_ego from working
* bug fix - rare Lua error when debug creating an item which is blocked by level_range
* bug fix - use_simple entry from ego not being merged with the parent item
* bug fix - typos in handle animal and stealth skills
* bug fix - ensure every randomly generated vial has poison
* bug fix - character sheet BAB display forgot to describe some modifiers
* bug fix - summoned critters not having wounds and their tiles not showing
* bug fix - typo caused some consumables' and npc tiles to not show
* bug fix - scrolls no longer leaking info about their effects
* bug fix - trying to pseudo-ID already ID'ed items (e.g. starting items)
* bug fix - cross class skills max rank not getting updated
* bug fix - overzealous filters in debug create item
* bug fix - mails having leather paperdoll look
* bug fix - some items not having subtypes
* bug fix - torches are properly removed from inventory when running out of fuel
* bug fix - resurrection diamond costing 10x too much exp
* bug fix - monster info counts egoed monsters together with non-egoed; no longer leaks info

* update to T-Engine 1.4.0
* new tiles: rags, crown, circlet; various gemstones; elven cat, locathah, grimlock, aasimar, tiefling, duergar, deep gnome, azer; piranha bird, bugbear, trog, merfolk, skum; light wooden/light steel/heavy wooden shields; cord/padded/leather armor;
* new item: rags, crown, circlet; gemstones
* new magic properties: graceful (half ACP), featherlight (1/4 weight)
* more potion and scroll types
* potions now stack
* a proper NPC egos implementation
* use shaders for some egos
* barbarians and fighters now get Spot as a class skill, just like Incursion
* backgrounds reworked: now they give you a bonus feat only
* trainer option improvements: class, skills, feats offered and dialogs respecting the limitations
* implement detect magic
* identify spell now takes an hour to work
* implement school-ID'ing if your Intuition is high enough
* implement item hardness and durability
* mithril armors now have all the associated effects per SRD
* implement generating specific egoed items
* all characters now start with a random potion and a potion of cure light wounds
* item tooltips now display average damage and % chance to crit for weapons
* item tooltips notify you of newly picked up items
* increase flying text size based on sensible flying text addon
* popup feedback for skill and class tabs of level up screen
* shortened names displayed in the equipdoll, ToME 4 style
* ability to tag items to prevent selling/dropping them
* shops now pay 66% price for unided items
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Old October 13, 2016, 13:01   #42
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Zireael is on a distinguished road
In case you were wondering, the T-Engine based version is now at beta 13 since late August.


The big news however is that I'm now porting to LOVE2D and changing the underlying ruleset along the way.

Changelog for beta 13:
* bug fix - item getting equipped in weird slots
* bug fix - display gameplay tab when starting game; add confirmation for settings
* bug fix - errors when cause fear spell works on an enemy
* bug fix - no more keeping old zone name displayed for 1 turn after changing
* bug fix - no more superfluous saving throws in log with many spells
* bug fix - Lua error when increasing stats on level up
* bug fix - intro message was supposed to be colored but a typo rendered it all white
* bug fix - warning message pops up in log every time you spot a monster, not just the very first one
* bug fix - traps no longer throwing up errors

* update to T-Engine 1.4.8
* the game now counts level generation attempts and aborts after too many (default is 50)
* quests: main quest, tutorial
* achievement for completing either quest
* the game now has a win condition
* new zones: Vatic Wastes, thieves guild
* new tiles: ring, signet ring, house insignia, greaves, cave floor, cave wall
* new items: signet ring, house insignia, gloves, greaves; waterskin
* new item slots: bracers, legs; bracers are now won in the bracers slots
* Iron Will etc. now scale with character level; restore Toughness as a separate feat; fold Dodge into Mobility
* implement climbing, opening locks on chests and doors
* a generic interact with environment button (e.g. get apples from a tree)
* NPCs in noble compound now have a correct faction
* adjust many rarities
* kids' spawn is now delayed
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Zireael is on a distinguished road
The LOVE2D port was put on a brief hiatus at the end of October. The basic code was all there, but it's missing feats/spells and needs better dungeon generation.

Today I managed to fix a nasty bug that was plaguing the port, so onwards to happier days!
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