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The adventure so far.... (Heng, random character)

Inspired by Mangojuice, Random spinning landed me a Female Balrog Weaponsmith. Which is great because I never play anything like that.

I was immediately impressed by the high str/dex/con stats that rolled up and went into the game with optimism.

Lv 1-5
Equipping my warrior`s starter gear I was pleasantly surpised to find I was capable of 3 attacks/round, needless to say, the first few dungeon levels yielded few challanges. Fang, Grip and Smeagol all falling to my delicate female....err bludgeoning. I didn`t even have your drat `precious`, Smeagol! Joke`s on you.
I actually had no idea what a weaponsmith actually did yet so I went to look it up...and...
Bloody hell (no pun intended)! why haven`t I tried this before?

Anyway, back to the action: My short spot of delving had granted a few levels and with it some much needed hp and a lucky bonus stat gain in both Con and Dex! But now it was time to pick up the quests, first stop: those darned thieves.

Predictably, the rogues were little threat but one turned out to be good eatin`, thats right, I just found out Balrogs eat people. I am carrying around a sack of dead humans to sate my hunger.

I`m not accustomed to having such awful stealth, my sexy, 214lb movements excited a nearby mouse so much that it began to breed with itself at an alarming rate and had become a dangerous plaugue before I managed to seal them up inside a room. I`ll have to be more careful next time...maybe get a crossbow..

I arrived on dungeon level 5 to confront the problem Wargs and was immediately ambushed by a party of novice warriors. The first struck a glancing blow which i completely ignored as my broadsword made merry hell in the dimly lit stairwell, I`d like to imagine the screams ascended to the levels above, stirring fear and rumour anew of what lurks beneath the surface.

I can`t understand why the Wargs warranted mercenary participation, they seem like such playful pups, dashing about, nipping my heels...Oh heck! OWW my heels!
Thoughtfully, the Wargs taught me some valuable lessons...about painting dungeon surfaces with guts, and I reached level 10 making me an Iron Smith of the Weaponsmith class, although I`ve yet to do any smithing thus far..
Being a Ninja means never having to say you're sorry.

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