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The story of Frelis the Vampire Rohanknight Archer

Frelis started out as a reasonably attractive Vampire female Rohanknight Archer of a decent build.

During her adventures, she has decided to spent time studying antimagic, and as a result had to, at times, trigger traps to progress, since she had no reliable way to disarm traps. As a result, she has since changed her sex and height after stepping into a couple of traps - and is now a male vampire Rohanknight Archer of a mere 32 inches and 71 pounds.

She had used a Dark sword of the Morgul for a large part of her journey which filled her with the black breath, but thanks to her helm of Hammerhand, she could withstand the worst effects thereof (reducing str, dex, and con).

As a light source, s/he used Orthanc for quite a while, since the aggravating effect of the sword she carried meant that Orthanc's aggravating effect was not such a drawback. Being an antimagic enthusiast, s/he struggled to Activate Orthanc for its Clairvoyance ability, but the ESP was always useful regardless.

At quite a late point in his/her adventures, s/he picked up a Dark Sword of Nothingness with quite significant negative numbers. The usefulness of Orthanc's ESP was however still enough to warrant using it over another light source. Being a Vampire, light resistance was always important and equipment management was a nuisance. Orthanc's sunlight also burned the vampiric flesh.

S/he found the ring of Flare in the depths of Mordor, which gave her the ever-important Fire Immunity as well as the very useful swap position.

Frelis soon managed to start exploring Erebor for its wonderful treasures and just before becoming a very advanced adventurer, decided to go kill Krakens in the wild before being called to fight Maeglin and many Balrogs. This is where Frelis discovered a x5 Longbow of Lothlorien (+26,+23).

Despite many attempts, s/he only managed to create 2 sets of artifact arrows.

After diving through Mordor, looking for a town, Frelis visited Khazad-dum where she picked up a long bow of extra might x7 (+15/+14). This is the bow she is currently using, but she may go back to the previous bow for the higher hitroll.

Having killed the Necromancer, Frelis started hunting for the ring, and killed Glauron in Erebor, Shelob in Cirith Ungol and Feagwarth in the Paths of the Deadm, deciding to leave the Watcher and Ar-Pharazon until Acid Immunity was obtained.

None delivered the one ring, so Frelis was off to Angband. After a couple of levels in, Frelis found an adventurer who lost his sword to several Jabberwocks. One them delivered a beautiful artifact Black Dragon Scale Mail which offered Immunity to Acid, Electricity, Cold and Fire.

Juggling around the equipment, (with light resistance being problematic) resulted in the Dark Sword of Nothingness swapping its minuses for pluses. ( a *remove* curse was needed to remove Orthanc).

Off to the underwater ruins, to face Ar-Pharazon who dropped "a plain gold ring".

Despite having no success in reversing the Dark Sword's condition, Frelis started the climb of Mount Doom - where Sauron awaited him/her. After Sauron successfully summoned several sets of Greater Demons, Frelis finally managed to sidestep Sauron and trap Sauron behind him/her on Mount Doom to await his death on the return trip.

This is the epic story of Frelis the Rohanknight Vampie Archer up to now...

Frelis is, as I'm typing this, fighting through the monsters on Mount Doom to destroy the ring.

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