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Here's a recent Nethack speedrun, which won the game by exploiting the RNG:

Nethack's RNG uses a 32-bit seed, and walking into a wall advances the RNG state without consuming a game turn.

This is a more of a hack than a speedrun I guess, but I thought I'd post it as a similar technique might be applicable to Angband.
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What a neat hack !

I only played *band, so I'm not familiar with those concepts of ascenscion, wishes and so, but I love the way its done.
There's a goal, there's constraints... and there's intelligence.

Using a couple of 72-core instances as tool for such a simple game is brutally brillant.

Of course, tool-assisted-exploit might not be exactly what people would expect from a speedrun... but it's just another category ;p
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If you liked that, you should read the plans for a NetHack tool-assisted speedrun. The difference between this and the realtime speedrun that Pondlife linked is that the TAS arranges everything to minute perfection, so for example it can choose exactly the RNG seed it wants by determining the system clock at the time the run starts, and it can cheat to know where everything in the game is by directly examining the game's memory.

Last I heard, the TAS is currently stalled out trying to figure out how to win the game within 3 turns of when the class quest unlocks (which is a mandatory step for completing the game, and happens 2000 turns into the game), instead of within 5 turns. But the linked article covers a lot of really delightful shenanigans during those 2000 turns of waiting.
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speed, speedrun

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