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Sil-q Morgoth killer

I tried sil-q for the first time as part of the recent competition, but didn't have enough time to run a serious character until after the contest was over. But at that point I studied and experimented with the game for awhile trying to come up with a scheme to kill Morgoth. Eventually, I hit upon a good combination: rapid-fire Poison Flaming arrows, delivered Quickly, shot by a high strength character from a heavy bow. For extra fun, I decided to do this with no-artifacts, because that's just the way I roll.

The initial build was a Noldor Feanor, 3443, with 6 points in Smithing, and only 3 points in Melee and Evasion. This was so I could take Power right away, and then 3 smithing skills at the first forge. This left the character pretty fragile at the very start, as the unfortunate AA and BB can attest. But character CC made it through to the forge. After that, things actually went relatively smoothly, with sufficient forges to make the stuff I had planned: Gondolin Longsword (incredibly valuable, especially for the first few hundred feet), Nargothrod Longbow, Gauntlets of Strength, Dwarf Mask of Brilliance, Corslet of Resilience, to name the important ones, plus as much high evasion other gear as my skill allowed. And of course, the 6 lb. Longbow.

Skill selection and character progression went pretty standard for my sort of "Brute Force" style characters, except I didn't try for the 20th point of Evasion and instead put more points into Archery (I usually stop at 10 after taking the Dex). The idea was to be able to score a critical against Morgoth, even with the massive bow.

The other crucial part was to arrange to fight Morgoth 1 on 1, without lots of other monsters cluttering things up (and getting free attacks of opportunity while I was shooting). I did this by moving to the room in the NorthWest corner of the throne room level, breaking the tension and killing everything over there, getting Morgy to come out after me, and then going down the corridor on the West side of the throne room. The corridor is only 1 space wide, allowing me to go toe-to-toe with Morgy, drinking Healing as required. This went pretty well for the first 5 stars or so, but then a blow from Grond knocked out the eastern wall, and *two* Great Fire Drakes entered the fray. Mercifully, I was able to move further south and into the first room at the southern end, getting out of the Drake's LOS, and without Morgoth managing to heal too much. That position held up for another 30 or 40 arrows, and Morgoth was no more. I was sufficiently annoyed at the Drakes that I killed them next (not too hard while fully buffed). The Silmarils were ripped out with a Great Axe and strength 9, and away we went.

The ascent was fast. I had 5 Revelations charges which got me halfway up, and then searching the smaller upper levels was pretty easy. At the surface I was able to run straight to the outer double-doors without stopping, buff up, and take out Carcharoth with a hail of arrows.

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