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Word of Destruction ideas

Just brainstorming some ideas for how we could make Word of Destruction less abusable and/or more flavorful.

1) Have it take you down to 1HP when used. Don't use it when you're bleeding or poisoned! Otherwise, this does mean that if you're using it to e.g. burn off Morgoth's summons after teleporting him, you'll have to use up some healing items to recover before Morgy gets back.

2) Make it collapse the dungeon if used twice on the same dungeon level (i.e. without using stairs/WoR/Alter Reality). This would deal damage (assuming we don't already knock you down to 1HP per the first suggestion), toss you down a dungeon level, stun you, etc. You could make also let this happen randomly every time Destruction is used, but I'm not such a big fan of unpredictable results. Alternately, an X% chance of Destruction rendering the dungeon "unstable", which has a special message and informs you that the next use will collapse it. Unstable dungeons could also be subject to earthquakes or other environmental effects.

3) Of course, make vaults immune to it. The only problem with this is that some of the lesser vaults have fairly open floor plans, are made entirely of granite, and don't really look like they should be immune to anything. My suggestion here would be a flag you could specify in the vault definition that indicates if its tiles are icky or not; icky tiles would be immune to destruction and cannot be teleported to. I don't know if that would interfere with anything else though.

Any other ideas?
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