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Fuel command practically useless for micromanagers

OK, so if all torches start fully fueled, then that means that if you fuel a dim torch with a new torch, your newly fueled torch will only have 5000 turns of fuel, not 5000 plus whatever the old torch had... Makes the fuel command kinda pointless - you could always just WIELD the other torch, and if you really need to reduce encumbrance, just drop or destroy the burned-out one!

I suppose if you have an ego torch and you want to fuel it with a regular torch, that might be useful, though...

What I'd suggest is to have torches start with only 4000 turns of fuel - isn't 1000 the threshold at which a torch burns with only radius 1 light? Then once you reach radius 1 light, you fuel the torch, and you get a fully fueled 5000 turn torch

Though actually, what would be REALLY cool, is if you could adjust your light source's burn rate somehow - increase it to burn fuel faster, provide brighter light, and reduce stealth; decrease it to save fuel, provide dimmer light, and not reduce stealth so much! (Do lights actually reduce stealth, anyway?) I suppose it doesn't make much sense for a torch, but maybe for an oil lantern?
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fuel is still useful for lanterns...
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For micromanaging, you switch to a new torch [not fueling] and then after it burns low you fuel with the previous torch.
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I typically overwrite F with a "light room" keymap. In the much rarer event that I need to refuel instead of light up a room, I can escape the keypress beforehand.

Not that this is related to your suggestion at anything more than a tangential level.

Notionally I like the "burn brighter but use up fuel faster" idea, except that it would just mean everyone would go for the brighter radius and burn torches like they were going out of style. No, light sources don't currently have any impact on stealth.

On the flipside, reducing torches' fuel amount doesn't bother me.
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