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Half Troll Rogue Nightly (3/16/2019)

How do I keep my character from moving forward while attacking if CTRL now tries to rob enemies?

I see that Rogue has very good throwing abilities and since I love throwing bolts in the early game and don't care for shield bash behavior I've decided to forgo my usual warrior. I also see that classes no longer get an exp penalty, which is another reason to try out the new Rogue. Of course my main form of attack is with a dagger doing 3.7 blows per round thanks to native +3 DEX balancing out the massive Half-Troll DEX penalty.

I've put 8 points to STR, 8 points to DEX and 4 points to CON. As such, my INT is 7. haha.

Yet, 50% fail on non critical spells has been working out very nicely. I can detect objects and visible monsters without any problems. With regen, I don't have to wait long to cast the spell again when it fails.

It's been a smooth run so far. Haven't had any problems and I'm CL20 on DL18. I forgot to turn on forced descent, no starting gear and RandArts. I just realize standarts will be good as I have a good chance getting a 'thanc (haven't found one yet, but if I do 3.7 rounds is going to be devastating!) So far I've picked up Thengel which I see protects me from confusion, very nice, and overall each piece of kit has good AC. I also found a whip of slay troll which is doing 31 dam to everyone.

It's nice to get decent amount of gold on the early levels, but it almost seems too much. I mean, the game has gone from dropping 25 gold pieces to 145 gold pieces. That seems like a rather radical improvement! I'd be happy with drops/finds being something like 45 gold pieces on level 1, 55 on level 2, 65 level 3, 75 level 4, 90 level 5.
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.

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