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Roguelikes for Android?

I have recently acquired a smartphone that can run Android apps -- does any of you have a roguelike game to suggest? Preferably something that can be controlled comfortably on a 4.5'' touchscreen without keyboard.
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I've heard good things about Pixel Dungeon, but I haven't actually played it.
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I don't know if it's available on Android, but on iOS you can can get 'Powder', which is an awesome 'coffee-break-roguelike'. Games tend to last between 2 hours and 2 minutes.
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Personally, I get a lot of enjoyment from Crawl (the DCSS console version), which works great on an S3 screen.

Angdroid is slso quite playable, but lacks autoexplore, which is very nice with an on screen keyboard, and I'm not sure which version they're on.
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Pixel Dungeon is very good but it's very broguey, which means if you like the grindiness / numbers-going-up aspect of Angband variants, you might find it to be a little too boardgamey. (I do like it, but I can't play it very often.)
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I just published my first game to the Play Store, and it's a roguelike.

I'm 42 and played roguelikes on Unix systems in the eighties, so a few months ago when I decided I was finally going to learn how to develop Android apps, of course I immediately chose to develop a roguelike

This being my first game project - as well as my first mobile app project - it's not as technically complex as the original roguelikes, but I think it plays pretty well. If enough people enjoy this game, I'll definitely be improving upon this game and also building a more in-depth quest oriented old school game.

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Will surely try those!
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I've been developing a game for Android for some time, and have recently put it up to the Play Store (

It's not a roguelike, but it is a dungeon adventure game.

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