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YAWP Gosh the Mage

Hurray, hurray, I've won another.

I played a mage this time. My strategy was to collect as much speed as possible and do only stairscumming. I visited the town maybe 5 times by the time I reached Dlvl 95.
My other safety was to press mass banishment whenever. I gained the experience for the final 5 clvls from uniques and potions of XP.

By the time I got to be really strong I also got bored, i stopped playing for 6 months.
This week i picked up the game again and completed. As usually happens to me, I was overprepared for the final fight. I never let Morgoth touch me and used my 15 scrolls of mass banishments when nasties were summoned

highlights from my notes
Clvl 04 survived 0HP and next to Cave Spider by reading an unknown scroll: Phase Door!
first visit to town after i dived to Dlvl 30.
Dlvl 30 Found Ring of Escaping
Dlvl 35 Found 2nd ring of Escaping
Dlvl 40 Potion of Augmentation
Dlvl 47 Artifact shield - Immune lightning
visit to town - I had run out of torches
Dlvl 60 New lvl - detect monsters - find myself on 26 HP, standing next to opened Hydra pit
Dlvl 62 Gloves of Free action - first source of FA
Dlvl 64 Artifact weapon - Immune Acid
Dlvl 65 Helm of Telepathy
Clvl 31 defeated a Bile Wyrm
Dlvl 82 Rod of Teleport Other
Rod of Speed
Ring of Speed 4 (first)
Ring of Speed 8 (second)
Clvl 34 potion of experience
Dlvl 82 first artifact light found
Dlvl 88 Amulet of ESP allows to increase INT from 86 to 188
Dlvl 90 Scroll of *Acquirement* from Black Market was a dud
Dlvl 93 Ring of Speed +11 (third)
Dlvl 96 I cruised here for the longest time.
Rotting Quylthug summoned a skull druj that confused me. Rod of Healing did not cure confusion. Use cure critical instead and read a Scroll of Destruction. I walked away with 126 HP of my 300 HP
Boots of Speed +10 allowed my to swap in ring of Con +6 => HPmax = 455
scroll of acquirement gives artifact weapon with +3 INT & CON => HPmax = 569
While clearing a greater checker vault the Tarrasque put me on 66 HP. I had rested without LOS. Phase door garanteed that I landed out of reach of this baddy.
A Ring of Speed +17 took away my final speed worries.
When I found a weapon with +7 on Con and Spd, i rearranged to have the 4 immunities. Not strictly needed for the final fight, pretty cool nonetheless.
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