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Monster counts

After a lot of trickery with grep sed and echo and just a touch of javascript I compiled totals for everyone's counts: lines in lore.txt for all the angband user folders on into JSON format suitable for processing.

I've hosted the document here:

If you click the link your browser may try and make it look presentable for you but it will take a minute or two.

The indexes in the totals array for each object correspond to the sequence in which they are outputted to lore.txt, so the same key applies.

It should be noted that this is very raw data, which includes hundreds of hapless newbies who didn't come back, a player notorious for scumming breeders who can volunteer their own name, and Ingwe who really knows what he's doing; those two in particular may skew the results somewhat.

Unfortunately the most exciting part of this, number of time player has been killed by monster, seems to have been dysfunctional in the recording process.

Nonetheless it took a little work to create and surely if anyone is interested this is the place to find them.
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Neat! I don't know what the order of entries in lore.txt is, but I went ahead and generated a top-10 for each entry.

Entry #0:
snaga: 116193
wolf: 104688
giant fruit fly: 87605
black orc: 83200
warg: 81907
hill orc: 79132
giant flea: 72559
giant white mouse: 68685
cave orc: 65933
white wolf: 65071
Every monster has a 0 for entry #1.

Entry #2:
giant fruit fly: 73565
giant flea: 45377
giant firefly: 34971
hummerhorn: 34212
silver mouse: 33776
snaga: 30124
giant white mouse: 28235
wolf: 26910
giant white louse: 20015
black orc: 18794
Entry #3:
jackal: 3798
wolf: 3191
warg: 2772
snaga: 2769
white wolf: 2257
hill orc: 1884
cave spider: 1837
black orc: 1705
uruk: 1663
apprentice: 1508
Entry #4:
kobold: 19287
soldier: 17318
cave spider: 16401
snaga: 15360
mean-looking mercenary: 14016
filthy street urchin: 13593
battle-scarred veteran: 13581
ogre: 13398
aimless-looking merchant: 12197
cave orc: 12190
Entry #5:
black orc: 3214
shrieker mushroom patch: 3169
uruk: 2595
kobold archer: 1719
kobold: 1719
earth hound: 1591
light hound: 1559
healer: 1488
cold hound: 1447
blue dragon bat: 1429
Entry #6:
illusionist: 3797
tengu: 3526
blink dog: 2560
priest: 2478
magic mushroom patch: 2396
gnome mage: 1808
ranger: 1757
kobold shaman: 1643
apprentice: 1643
kobold: 1643
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