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T.o.M.E. maintainer
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T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta8 unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta8 !

Many things got balanced and fixed this release, I will welcome

Some internal changes to the engine to make things simpler/easier for
module makers, make sure you read the change list.

Release highlights:

* Much balancing and fixes
* Images for nearly all objects
* Many new egos and artifacts
* Two new "secret" mage subclasses (unlockable)
* Projectile system
* New talents for warriors
* Two new Orc Prides

Expanded changelist:

* Fix map crash in Angolwen
* Fix unided ego objects
* Fix character sheet line feeds
* Fix Shield Pummel shield attack
* Fix warriors archery mastery
* Personal achievements showing up in character dump
* Tooltips show up over other UI elements
* Apprentice mage quest does not mistake an Alchemist for an Archmage
* Talents that have hostile actions will default to hostile targets
* Generic talents will be displayed as such in the talents screen
* Fix many alchemist issues
* Wildfire talent line
* Ice talent line
* Golem can be renamed with the Refit Golem talent
* New physical talent line for warriors: Superiority
* New physical talent line for warriors: Warcries
* New Projectile entities, some spells/archery/... use them to make a
real projectile that travels the map (very very fast)
* New ActorProjectrojectile() function that works like project() that
that creates a projectile
* Many on hit effects wont trigger if the target is already dead
* Rebalance and add new powers to Alchemist class
* Fix game menu mouse/keyboard interaction
* Add new bow artifact and egos
* Add new sling egos
* Add ammo egos
* New egos: helms
* New item type: cloth hats (wizard hat)
* New artifact: Glamdring
* New egos fors leather caps
* Allow activable objects to run a talent
* New egos: charged (prefix), allows to use a random talent, with
charges (do not self recharge)
* Added many new images by Mushroomhermit
* Resting now gradually improves your life/mana/stamina regen rate, so
that it does not affect short restst much but reduces waiting time on
long ones
* New artifact: the Tome of Flames (not available everywhere)
* Divine/Glyphs are now all projectable to a distance
* New Entity:getDisplayString() method that returns a string that makes
drawColorString* display the entity image inside the text (only works
on cards that can do framebuffer objects)
* Inventory, stores, tooltips, now display the image
* Fixed Sunburst description
* Most zones can now have all existing NPCs, but non-native ones are
rare, to spice things up a little
* The scribe in Minas Tirith and Gates of Morning and the Staves &
Wands store in Angolwen can now recharge charged objects
* Added multi-hued dragons to the generic set of monsters, beware of
the Greater Multi-hued Wyrm .. it is quite nasty
* Added monster pits to some zones, have .. fun
* Fix store selling not updating after object identification
* Moved the cuttle little bunny to be old forest only
* Can not read scrolls while blinded
* New zone: Vor Pride
* The Orc Pride bosses now have the rank of elite boss
* Most NPCs that have sustainable talents will be created with them
* Changed the max life rank adjusting formula, this should result in
more life for all actors at high level, specialy for bosses
* Changed[1] and level.downs[1] to level.default_up and
level.default_down. You must update your module, probably in
* New engine interface PlayerMouse, this handles the default mouse
actions, so that modules can easily implent them. You are encouraged to
switch to use it.
* New engine interface GameTargeting, this handles all the complex
targeting code for you. You are encouraged to switch to use it.
* Updated both ToME and example module to the new interfaces
* Example module now uses display strings and shows a tooltip for Grids
* Example module now comes with both talent & actor seen display enabled
* Do not compute FOV when blind
* Stealth now works correctly for monsters
* Improve faction function descriptions (yufra)
* Fixed levelup stats to not take into account equipment
* Redesigned how NPCs in ToME get rarity, this affects most zones
* Added some more orcs
* New zone: Grushnak Pride (THIS IS A TEST, the zone is not completely

Have fun!
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Fun version, but buggy nevertheless......

Sluggishness. Game's still slow. CPU sometimes rises to 50-60% which wouldn't bother me much, but overall performance slows down in that occasions accordingly.

-- Saving/Loading the game or saving an area takes a long time. Minimum 30 seconds. Heats up CPU too.

-- Talent gain screen. While browsing through different abilities, description appears after a second or two.
(BTW greyed entries are impossible to browse, choosing is blind)

-- Inventory screen. Every action seems to have around one -or more- second delay.
(And it is a total mess. Too long object names doesn't fit in the window, or if equipped they overwrite items in the inventory. Too many objects (after a-z places are filled) interfere with object description.)

-- Possible memory leak. After an hour or so of playing, game slows down. It also slows in random places for no apparent reason.

Played a warrior. Rush talent is bugged. It doesn't work on monsters two spaces away, always. Also, on rare occasions character stops two spaces away from a monster and does nothing. Not to mention that cooldown is way too high.

That's it for now..
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Sigh...and here I thought that elven ruins works now...all I got was a character stuck in darkness and controls not responding, forcing me to kill the process in the manager...
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T.o.M.E. maintainer
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When you encounter bugs like that send me the log please (in your terminal if you are on linux or in stdout.txt in the game directory under windows).

Saving is indeed slow, not much I can do about, it is bound to the way I store the world, any change can be tracked perfectly but this has a cost :/
What's your CPU btw?
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T.o.M.E. maintainer
Join Date: Apr 2007
Posts: 130
DarkGod is on a distinguished road
And your opengl card/driver
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